Where to go for Cape Town's Best Food & Drink

Essential Guides to the Best Food & Drink in Cape Town

Our guides to the latest food and drink offerings, as well as our top picks for restaurants, bars and cafes around Cape Town. Fine dining? Cosy coffee spots? Needing to treat someone special? We’ve got you covered.

Food & Drink Events

From lively festivals to intimate dinners with renowned chefs and exclusive winemakers’ gatherings, indulge in extraordinary experiences crafted for passionate food and drink lovers.

Top Coffee Shops

Freshly brewed coffee, cosy ambiance, friendly baristas, diverse menu, comfortable seating, relaxing atmosphere, community vibe — essential ingredients for a delightful coffee spot experience.

Great Cape Town Bars

Bars abound in Cape Town! From cocktail bars to speakeasys to dive bars, we’ve got them all. Whether you are after happy hour drinks or classy non-alcoholic beverages, there’s a bar for you in Cape Town.

Head Out for High Tea

High tea is an indulgent tradition combining sophistication, conversation, and a charming setting with tiers of delectable pastries, finger sandwiches, fine teas and the occasional glass of bubbly.

Dog-friendly Eateries

Dog-friendly restaurants and cafes are on the rise in Cape Town. We love to have our fur friends join us for the occasional lunch or brunch, and some eateries are happy to cater for your canine with water bowls, biscuits and more.

Fine Dining

The mothercity’s fine dining scene exemplifies culinary artistry in all areas of food and drink. Michelin-worthy restaurants combine exquisite flavours, elegant presentation, and top-notch service in stunning locations.

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