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We're here to help

Just in case you have any questions, we’ve tried to answer some of the most frequent ones here.
Please feel free to contact us if you have more!

Can I get advice from you for free?

Yes! We actually WANT you to have the right tools and the best approach in order to catch the attention of our readers. And we know from our own experience that it can be really helpful to have a sounding board: someone who can see your offering from an outside perspective.
We encourage you to make a booking for a short phone call via the Contact Us or Advertise With Us pages of this site.

I have an event / attraction but I don't have money for promo. What can I do to get my event on your pages?

You can always ask to have the fee waived 🙂
If you have an original event and can give us great copy and great images, then a free post is much more likely. But please bear in mind that we are a very small team, and we must give priority to paying clients.

Can I get a stall at your event?

No! We get asked this a lot but we don’t actually have anything to do with the organisation of the events on our site. If you want to be involved in an event that you see listed on our site please contact the organisers of the event, or the venue. You should find contact details for one (if not both) on our site. If not, please use Google.

Can I get discounted tickets?

If we ever have discounted tickets available, we will offer them to our readers. If you sign up for our newsletters, you’ll be the first to know about these deals.

Can I get a report on how many people saw my campaign?

Yes, absolutely. This comes as standard for bigger campaigns, and by arrangement for smaller ones. Discuss with our Sales team about achieving the outcomes you want.