TANG Restaurant Waterfront: Luxury Asian Cuisine


Diners can finally embark on a sumptuous culinary journey in a luxurious, tropical Asian setting thanks to the new Asian restaurant and bar, TANG. Originally from Johannesburg, this unique fusion of Japanese Izakaya-style dining and classic Cantonese cuisine branched out to a new and eager audience that can appreciate the flavours and luxury here at the V&A Waterfront.


Sakura Nights, every Thursday at TANG

TANG Waterfront and Patron premium tequila is celebrating spring with a series of after-dark evenings every Thursday until 26 October 2023. The Sakura Nights concept is based on ‘Hanami’, a centuries-old Japanese tradition of viewing spectacular swathes of Cherry Blossom flowers in full bloom that signal new beginnings.

TANG is honouring this ancient ritual with exclusive Patron cocktails under Sakura blossoms lit by Japanese lanterns, and guided by roaming hostesses in the exquisite setting of their popular V&A Waterfront restaurant space.

Cost: Free entrance, a la carte menu

When: Running until 26 October 2026. From 6pm
Where: Shop 153, V&A Waterfront, 19 Breakwater Blvd, Cape Town

Website: cpt.tanghospitality.com | Email: reservationsva@tanghospitality.com | Tel: 076 652 8972


Summer dining with a sea of flavours

Executive chef at TANG, Vixa Kalenga, is suggesting new expectations with his Summer 2023 menu for this fine dining restaurant in Cape Town.

There’s the newly added signature dish, the Imperial Seafood Platter, where succulent lobster is the highlight with sweet, tender meat. 

The rest of the platter includes perfectly cooked langoustines, prawns as well as soft-shell crab. For fish, the signature selection includes coconut seabass and baby kingklip in umami goodness, tamarind and chilli. Completing the platter is a Salt and Pepper Calamari served with jalapeño sauce and toasted homemade hoisin. 

When: Daily, from 12pm to 11pm
Where: Shop 153, V&A Waterfront, 19 Breakwater Blvd, Cape Town

Website: cpt.tanghospitality.com | Email: reservationsva@tanghospitality.com | Tel: 076 652 8972


The ambience at TANG

Inspired by the relaxed and informal atmosphere of an Izakaya, TANG offers a wide selection of tastes that are sure to tantalise any palate. Meanwhile, Cantonese-style cooking, influenced by the region’s rich history as a trading hub, boasts a range of exciting ingredients and spices that add to the vibrant and diverse flavours on offer.

Founder Nicky Van Der Walt’s concept restaurant in the V&A Waterfront maintains the same luxurious yet edgy style as its Johannesburg counterpart, with the interior design once again helmed by the award-winning Tristan Du Plessis. However, this time the colour palette has been lightened to complement the restaurant’s ocean-side location. The 700 square meter space is adorned with oak panelling, imported marble, honed travertine, and granite, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Drawing inspiration from the works of renowned architect Marcio Kogan and the modern tropical movement, the restaurant exudes a minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic. The space is adorned with opulent features, such as an iconic marble waterfall, book-matched marble surfaces, a champagne fridge, and a walk-in cellar. All of these luxurious elements contribute to the restaurant’s overall ambience, giving it a refined and stylish feel.


What’s on the menu?

At TANG, a team of talented culinary experts, led by Chef Vixa Kalenga, presents an award-winning menu that features a range of signature dishes.

Guests are invited to indulge in mouth-watering delights such as Peking Duck, black cod miso, yellowtail sashimi, and an extensive selection of sushi and wok dishes. Amongst the highlights of the menu are the robata grills, which add irresistible smoky flavours to the food, evoking the ancient art of fireside cooking that has been a beloved tradition in Asian culture for generations.

TANG’s essence is rooted in the Izakaya style – a traditional Japanese bar where individuals gather to indulge in food, drinks, and enjoyable moments which forms an essential component of TANG’s identity.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic Cantonese cuisine or Japanese Izakaya-style dining, TANG offers an unforgettable culinary journey that celebrates the cultural richness and diversity of Asian cuisine.


Taking its name from the illustrious Tang dynasty that reigned over China from 618 to 907, TANG’s two fine dining establishments pay tribute to what historians consider to be a pinnacle of Chinese civilisation – a golden age of cosmopolitan culture. By drawing inspiration from this era, TANG celebrates the cultural exchange and artistic accomplishments that marked this significant time in Chinese history, offering a glimpse into the past while also reflecting the cosmopolitan character of South Africa.

Against the breathtaking backdrop and views of Table Mountain and the picturesque yacht harbour of the V&A Waterfront, TANG presents its signature gastronomic experience, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the flavours and ambience of this iconic establishment.

With its roots in a period of artistic, intellectual and cultural effervescence, TANG offers a taste of the Tang dynasty’s legacy while creating a truly unique dining experience that celebrates the richness of Chinese cuisine and the cultural exchange it embodies.

When: Daily, from 12pm to 11pm
Where: Shop 153, V&A Waterfront, 19 Breakwater Blvd, Cape Town

Tel: 076 652 8972
Email: reservationsva@tanghospitality.com
Website: cpt.tanghospitality.com
Instagram: @tang_waterfront
Facebook: @TANGWaterfront



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