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Montebello Design Centre

The Montebello Design Centre is home to a broad spectrum of designers, innovators, artists and...
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Chandler House Voorkamer Gallery

Chandler House’s Voorkamer Gallery emphasis on value, quality and creativity. Each month this...
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Book Lounge

The Book Lounge is an independent bookshop that opened in 2007 and hosts various book related...
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The Hand Printing Studio

Handprinted artistic designs on fabric classes, all courses are led with hands-on guidance.
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Angel Shack

Modern furniture and contemporary product design
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My Wall Tattoos

Trendy wall art and home décor inspiration
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Dark Horse

A stylish addition to @Home
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The Cape Art Company

The home of your decoration dreams
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The Hideaway

From furniture and décor accessories to gifts.
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South Africa's first online and retail plant shop
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Always Welcome Heritage House

An extraordinary showcase of design
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Made In Cape Town

Supporting Local Businesses
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Lifestyle store with African inspired fashion, jewellery, accessories and homeware
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Petite French & Co

Give your furry BFF the Best
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Coco Mat

Experience high quality and comfortable products
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Peek Handmade

You can support local businesses like Peek Homemade with a click of a button, easy and time saving....
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Julep Flowers

Julep's mission is to make their client's day and they aim to create the best possible experience...
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Garden World

An evergreen and magical gardening destination for the whole family.
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Always Welcome

Explore excellent craftsmanship and beautiful designs
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Fantastick Wall Decor

These artistic designs provide an inspiring makeover.
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Bring natural beauty into your home office.
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KARE Johannesburg

Furniture, accessories, and lighting for the home.
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The Storer

A truly impressive brand of artistry
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Ubik Home

A radiant range of urban, elegant, crafted furniture
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Fantastick Wall

Artsy designs that breathes life into any space.
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Atrium Plants

A plant emporium offering plants bred by award-winning breeders
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Sesli Blankets

You can warm up your interior with stylish blankets.
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In Richmond, Re-Trend offers refurbished, one-of-a-kind, Mid-century modern and Retro furniture...
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Storm in a Teacup

Handcrafts unique ceramics. Using the potter's wheel, a traditional artisan technique, each item is...
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1 to 4 Aug | Africa’s premier decor and design platform.
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