Improve Your Kitchen Skills with Stir Crazy’s Cooking Classes in Cape Town

Cooking Classes in Cape Town

Located at V&A Waterfront, Stir Crazy is more than just a cooking school. It’s an immersive culinary space hosting dining experiences and unique cooking classes in Cape Town. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or an aspiring chef, their lineup of single-session interactive social cooking classes and specialised training courses are sure to elevate your skills to new heights.

Here are some of the best experiences and classes to book now.

Stir Crazy


Sharpen your knife and culinary skills with the training courses on offer at the Stir Crazy Cooking School. These courses are aimed at aspiring chefs and cooks who want to learn more and improve their knowledge of all things food related, from utensils, prepping methods, cooking, and baking to hospitality service training. These cooking classes in Cape Town will help you hone in on whichever skill you prefer.

Cooking Classes in Cape Town


Stir Crazy Cooking School is the ultimate destination for food enthusiasts seeking to elevate their culinary skills while having a blast. Their calendar of cooking classes in Cape Town is packed with exciting events, catering to a wide range of interests and tastes.

Date Night: Are you looking to add a little spice to your relationship or impress your significant other with your cooking prowess? Look no further than Stir Crazy’s Date Night. This sizzling event is the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat in the kitchen and create a meal that will leave you both feeling satisfied.

Ladies’ Night: Calling all ladies! Stir Crazy’s Ladies’ Night is a must-attend event for anyone seeking a fun and fabulous evening with their gal pals. Get ready to stir things up and let loose in the kitchen as you learn new techniques and create delicious dishes.

Chef’s Dinner: For those who prefer a more laid-back approach, Stir Crazy’s Chef’s Dinner is a perfect choice. Relax and unwind as you watch Superyacht chefs in action, plating a mouthwatering dinner right before your eyes. It’s the ultimate social evening in a working kitchen, complete with great company and delectable cuisine.

Cooking Classes in Cape Town


With an abundance of fantastic offers throughout the month guests can easily find a fun and engaging social evening to suit their interests and needs. Simply peruse through their calendar to see which cooking classes in Cape Town tickle your fancy and taste buds.

No matter what your preference, Stir Crazy Cooking School is the place to be for foodies looking for an unforgettable experience. So gather your friends, bring your appetite, and get ready to cook up a storm. Keep an eye on their calendar here.

Where: Stir Crazy Cooking, 14 W Quay Rd, Waterfront, Cape Town

Tel: 021 501 0695
Instagram: @stircrazycookingschool
Facebook: @Stircrazycooking

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