Laphroaig Taste Trailblazers Series: The Spirit of Islay Meets Local Flavours

A few of the best, hand-picked restaurants across the city are gearing up for Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s Taste Trailblazers in South Africa, a global celebration of culinary pioneers pushing the boundaries of flavour.

Inspired by Islay, Taste Trailblazers challenges some of the best eateries in Cape Town to merge the best of their kitchen and bar skills to create a series of culinary experiences based on the three taste pillars that make Laphroaig the nest single malt Scotch Whisky – salt, fire and peat.


Founded in 1815 and perched on the south coast of Islay, Laphroaig is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland and produces single-malt Scotch whisky renowned for its smoky notes and distinct flavour profile.

Laphroaig produces its award-winning whiskies based on three main pillars – peat, fire and salt. The innovative founders of the distillery used the surplus of organic matter from the barley they had grown to fire up their whisky-making process. The result was whisky with unique flavours of the essence of Islay itself, peat.

Laphroaig’s whiskies draw their salty notes from the wood in the barrels infused by the stormy Atlantic climate as the warehouse has braced itself against the craggy shores of the bay for over 100 years. The third factor contributing to Laphroaig’s distinctive taste is the flaming peat kilns they’ve used, which are nearly as old as the distillery itself. The open flames of the turf fire burn low and long with deep smoke rising through the malting floors – a magical process that produces the iconic whisky.


Taste Trailblazers invites pioneering culinary partners across South Africa to showcase their use of peat, salt and fire through food and drinks by entering as a chef-and-bartender team that aims to push the boundaries of taste.

Together, the chef-and-bartender team conceptualise and serve a menu of dishes and drinks that showcase the unforgettable flavours of peat, salt and fire and create a truly immersive and memorable dining experience for guests. Participating chef-and-bartender teams compete with other culinary partners across South Africa as the brand ambassador and trusted media partners attend the dining experiences with the aim of finding the winning Taste Trailblazers of South Africa.


The six restaurants in Cape Town participating in the competition will host dinners, running from until August. Tickets will be on sale for food and whisky lovers to be a part of the Taste Trailblazing action.

The winners will be selected and announced in September 2023. The top chef and bartender win the grand prize of a trip to Fèis Ìle 2024 (Islay Whisky Festival). Restaurants include:


The Bailey, a traditional French-inspired brasserie in Bree Street, gearing up for Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s Taste Trailblazers Dinner Series with an unforgettable 5-course meal.

The Bailey’s 5-course dinner experience is hosted by Laphroaig Brand Ambassador, Steven Zylstra on 26 July 2023, and utilises a mix of South African and international ingredients and classic techniques.

Sink your teeth into a charcoal-baked oyster mushroom ceviche, American oak smoked salmon, charcoal roast venison, aged Gruberg with black garlic sponge and petit fours to end a perfectly paired Laphroaig dining experience.

The unique culinary journey is complemented by easy-drinking cocktails that even people who have not acquired the taste for a peated whisky can enjoy.

The menu is carefully curated by Chef Asher Abramowitz and bartender Cameron Paulse who are inspired by their personal knowledge of ingredients and pairing those with Laphroaig’s three flavour pillars while bearing in mind its homeland of Islay. The cocktails are designed to enhance flavours and pair well with dishes but do not take away the true flavour of Laphroaig.

When: 6pm for 6.45 pm, 26 July 2023
Cost: R900 per person


Dusk, a thought-provoking concept restaurant in Stellenbosch, gears up for Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s Taste Trailblazers Dinner Series with a unique 13-course food and drinks dining experience.

Dusk’s 13-course dinner experience is hosted by Laphroaig Brand Ambassador, Steven Zylstra on 26 July 2023, and focuses pushing the boundaries of fine dining.

The 13-course meal highlights Laphroaig’s flavour pillars of Salt, Peat, and Fire, with each course expertly paired with a different Laphroaig Libation and wine to bring out the best in both the food and drink.

Over the past eight months, Dusk has created concepts and dishes inspired by Mother Nature and the seasons in which unique ingredients are harvested, produce that they forage themselves on a weekly basis, connections that form between small-scale suppliers and their team and a greater appreciation for those people and their produce.

Expect a unique dining experience, with a dark, moody, eclectic, and luxurious ambience.

When: 6.30 pm, 15 & 16 September 2023
Cost: R3 250 per person



Cape Town’s newest cocktail bar, Talking to Strangers and Laphroaig are teaming up to showcase a unique experience of sharing style-street food tapas, expertly paired with Laphroaig-inspired handcrafted cocktails.

Bartender, Nick Crouse and chef, MG Mzoneli, find inspiration in providing exceptional food and beverages within a lively atmosphere. The cuisine they offer draws influence from diverse culinary cultures worldwide, with a particular emphasis on street food. Their objective is to transform street food into a refined and luxurious dining experience.

Their drink inspiration stems from a deep passion for utilizing the freshest seasonal produce that enhances fine spirits. Their beverages feature unusual and extraordinary components, providing consumers with an exhilarating and memorable experience through delectable cocktails.

When: 2 August 2023, from 6am for 7pm
Cost: R800 per person
Book: via Quicket

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