Meal & Grocery Delivery Services in Cape Town

Between lockdown restrictions and long queues at the supermarket, mealtime options have become limited. After all, there is only so much you can do with canned goods and pasta. Thankfully small businesses continue to adapt to the times with a variety of meals, grocery, and lifestyle portals giving you the options to make the most of your time with their hassle-free delivery services in Cape Town. 


Greenfish specialises in assortments of fresh fish boxes dependent on the fishermen’s daily ventures out to sea and seasonal and weather constraints of fish movements. The initiative is run by passionate artisanal fisherman brothers, more than 60 years of fishing experiences under their belt, who are stepping up to the plate to deliver freshly caught Cape seafood straight to your door. This family-run fishmonger upholds sustainable seafood choices and upholds environmentally conscious fishing values and best practice fishing methods wherever possible.

Capetonians can look forward to fish native to the Cape Point, Struisbaai, West Coast, and surrounding areas such as yellowfin tuna steaks, yellowtail, swordfish, and classic hake among others all ready to cook. For those with a more gourmet palate, West Coast farmed live oysters and mussels, squid, and frozen scallops are also on offer to liven up your weekday meals.

Their online ordering process runs with convenience underscored – orders placed by 11 am, any day of the week will reach you on the same day. Notifications are sent out regularly to keep customers updated with the delivery progress as well. The Greenfish team ensures that safety protocols are followed during customer interaction.

Website: | Email: 
Facebook: @greenfishsa | Instagram: @greenfishsa


The Re-Store upholds an eco-friendly lifestyle inviting everyone to join the cause for zero-waste living, eliminating the need for plastic so that people can reduce, reuse, and recycle. Wiebke Venter, Leon Venter, and Leani Venter run this family business offering a range of natural products, such as body care essentials that are available for delivery.

These items are organic, biodegradable as well as reusable and non-detrimental to the environment. Everyone can go about daily routines from brushing your teeth to removing make-up while contributing to sustainable living. The team has incorporated such items in their own lives, sharing their ideas through these tested products in support of both the Mother City and Mother Nature. Think of everyday products reimagined from the antibacterial properties of a bamboo toothbrush to a daily moisturizer rich in fatty acids & vitamins and natural ingredients.

The Re-Store regularly increases their range of fantastic zero waste body, beauty, and household products combined with practicality and infused in eco-efficient methods. Back 2 Nature is one of the product selections on offer that maintains healthy food for the skin. The online catalogue also offers some travel items and biodegradable soaps from Nourish and the Natural Yogi brand has deodorant that provides essential anti-pore blocking with added benefits.

All available products can be viewed here:

Website: | Email: | Tel: 079 479 0041
Facebook: @therestoreza | Instagram @therestoreza


Staying true to their slogan “Responsibly sourced, Naturally Grown. Personally delivered”, Green Wagon is a daily grocery delivery service in Cape Town helping to promote healthier lifestyles. They do this by giving people a trustworthy source of free-range, hormone-free produce, and goods from certified organic suppliers.

Choose from an array of items, settling the gripe of having to dash out to the store. Food and grocery needs are plentiful, with selections of meat & fish, fruit & vegetables, dairy, barn eggs, nuts, and preserves among more. These are all sourced with earth-saving ideals endorsing healthy-eating as the top priority. A spreadsheet is available on the website that indicates a long list, categories, and criteria for people to place orders easily and quickly. The list of goods is free of hormones and antibiotics.

The Green Wagon ordering spreadsheet is available on this link: Much needed attention is also given to your fellow furry companions as well with raw and nutritious pet food, treats, supplements, grooming products readily available for delivery as well.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 082 656 6064
Facebook: @greenwagonshop 


Stir! it up brings elements of easy-to-use artistry, wellbeing, and the freshest ingredients to jazz up any family meal. Stellenbosch-based Nini Jerman perfected the creation of all-natural cook-in sauces without resorting to artificial flavourants and preservatives. Using precise techniques such as chopping, cooking, and air-drying fresh ingredients, and then combining them to create nutritional, tasty, and budget-friendly dried sauces that just need a liquid to reconstitute them – be it water, stock, milk or coconut cream.

The diverse range of 11 different dried sauces are made up of five Global Range flavours – Thai Ginger, Smoky Curry, Italian Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Asian Sauce, and Mushroom Sauce while the other six flavours make up the African Range of Moroccan Tagine, North African Chermoula, South African Braai, Tunisian Harissa, West African Maffé and West African Yassa

All are vegetarian-friendly, free of preservatives and low in salt and sugar, and guaranteed to enhance flavours and create delicious, healthy dishes suitable for the whole family.

Check out the Stir! it up website for a list of recipes at: Whether you prefer a vegetarian lifestyle or maintain gluten-free habits, steering away from dairy and wheat, Stir! it up sauces are essential cupboard items, especially since Jerman’s air-drying technique of fresh ingredients means a handy product with a lengthy shelf-life.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 082 871 0179
Facebook: | Instagram:


If you’re craving something more nourishing but without the hassle, The Flying Pan is a healthy meal delivery service that simplifies eating well. The Flying Pan delivers ready-made and delicious dishes to doorsteps in the City Bowl, Atlantic Seaboard, and Southern Suburbs areas, so you can save time, money and food waste while prepping meals.

They’re prepared by chef Mathew Hoepner and delivered during weekdays, so you can simply pop your meals in the oven or microwave for comforting classics like spaghetti meatballs, Cape Malay chicken curry, and roasted tomato gnocchi, ready in a matter of minutes. And, to top it off, it’s a pretty affordable option in these wild times, with meals starting from R75. A Vegetarian and a Low Carb menu are also available where The Flying Pan hones in on nutrition with a creative edge. 

How does it work? Each week The Flying Pan reveals its menu online where you can order dishes that best suit your taste and lifestyle – just be sure to order by Friday 12pm for the following week. Select how many meals you’d like — from one or a few — and you’ll have dinner sorted for when you’re stuck in work duties, tasks or working your way through a Showmax binge.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 081 385 5589 
Facebook: @theflyingpanct | Instagram: @theflyingpan_ct

Delivery Services in Cape Town


NUDE FOODS is Cape Town’s original plastic-free grocery store, supplying Capetonians with non-GMO, locally-supplied and affordable whole foods as well as earth-friendly body and home products. Customers can purchase everything from beetroots and nut butter to aluminum-free bicarb and grey-water-safe body wash. They have also recently introduced their new range of vegan ready meals!

Their high-quality and delicious foods and products are all available for online ordering by weight, making it easy to buy in bulk or just enough for one recipe. Customers may choose to bring their own containers from home, make use of the free brown paper bags, or purchase glass jars or reusable cotton and mesh dry-goods bags. The process is simple: fill, weigh, pay.

This ‘old-school grocery store with a modern twist’ offers an eco-friendly shopping experience as well as inspiration to reconnect with our food and consume with greater mindfulness.

Website: | Email: | Tel: Cape Town 021 437 3003 | Newlands 063 694 0896
Facebook: plasticfreegrocery | Instagram:


Dalewood Fromage is an artisanal farmstead cheesery that specialises in handcrafted products. Situated in the Cape Winelands, it is a passion-driven family business dedicated to producing quality cheese, from the ground up.

All its cheeses are authentic Estate products produced from a single pasture-fed Jersey herd grazing on Dalewood Farm. The herd spends each day on green pastures which, being proudly bio-dynamic, are precisely managed without utilisation of artificial fertilisers, weed-killers or insecticides. The cows never receive growth- or milk-production hormones or any unnecessary antibiotics.

Dalewood produces an extensive range of plain and exotic Bries, as well as Camembert and Blue, in different styles, shapes and sizes to suit any occasion. The Signature Range includes Huguenot®, Boland™, Lanquedoc™ and Brie Superlatif ™; all uniquely Dalewood and uniquely South African.

Dalewood’s Cheesery online shop offers the Winelands Cheese Box, an opportunity to build your own cheese board at home with delectable treats such as Camemberts, Bries and mature, hard cheeses, including a pack of grated Huguenot®. Also included will be a pack of Melba toast (approx. 40 slices) and two mini preserves.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 200 2580
Facebook: @dalewoodfromageInstagram: @dalewoodfromage


Though not a meal delivery service per se, Cape Town Eats is a great resource to bring food and meal delivery services in Cape Town and the Winelands right to your fingertips.  This online directory was created by Pamela McOnie in a bid to spotlight the city’s artisan community of local producers, chefs, and restaurants. McOnie is mostly famous for her guided cuisine tours and manages to pull together some pretty reputable names for her guide such as Aubergine Restaurant and The Foodbarn. 

Cape Town Eats does an extremely good job sorting out dinner while still giving you ways to support entrepreneurs and small eateries. Their sections include fresh produce and deli deliveries to stock up on staples, meal deliveries if you’re missing dishes your favourite restaurants, wine and alcohol suppliers operating from June 1, and more. 

Join the Cape Town Eats Facebook Group for new delivery profiles, user suggestions, and some of McOnie’s insider reviews.

Website: | Email: 
Facebook Group: @CapeTownEatsGroup | Facebook Page: @capetowneats | Instagram: @cape_town_eats


Born from a desire to grow pesticide-free foods sustainably, Anna Beulah Farm began their vegetable garden in 2013. And to adapt to our current restrictions, the farm is now the ideal spot for organically grown fruit and veggies in season alongside a variety of other fresh produce to stock up on your pantry.

If you choose to get your weekly stock of vegetables from Anna Beulah Farm, know that their team takes great pride in the garden. All the vegetables are pesticide-free and seasonal. Since the garden is fertilised with natural manure and compost, Anna Beulah is able to provide their vegetable boxes at very reasonable prices. More information about their small and large vegetable boxes can be found on their website.

Anna Beulah Farm has a fully stocked Farmery with delicious treats and a funky coffee shop. You may choose to stop by or place delivery orders for your next vegetable box order.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 066 476 5951
Facebook: @annabeulahfarmInstagram: @annabeulahfarm

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