Locally-Made Craft Food & Drinks to Try

Does freshness and transparency matter when stocking your pantry? Then it’s always better to buy small and buy local. The Cape is home to a great community of specialist producers who offer tasty and quality craft food and drinks without cutting corners. So spread the love and celebrate our local producers by buying stocking up on these great food and drink products.


For decades, those who suffer from nut allergy had to sit on the sidelines and watch with envy as the rest of us lather peanut butter on toast or blend a spoonful in our post-gym smoothies. Thankfully Elsa Sharp at Blooming Butter has put an end to that with a top-notch and affordable handmade sunflower seed butter.

Blooming Butter is made from familiar, transparent ingredients such as roasted seeds and raw honey. This game-changing range includes a crunchy and smooth sunflower seed butter variety for everyday use, and a chocolate flavoured butter.

For an extra sweet treat, the tasty chocolate cups filled with Blooming Butter is a must-try. These can be purchased in a mixed pack of dark, milk and white chocolate.

Sunflower seeds are nutrient-dense and a great source of protein, healthy fats, Vitamin E and Magnesium. If you want to spoil yourself, or someone else, we recommend the 3-Pack set which includes a jar of all three Blooming Butter varieties. Gift vouchers are also available as an opportunity to spoil or surprise someone special with this innovative new brand.

Where to get it: Order directly from the Blooming Butter online store

Website: www.bloomingbutter.co.za | Email: elsa@bloomingbutter.co.za | Tel: 082 972 4692
Facebook: @Bloomingbutter1 | Instagram: @Blooming_butter


SOGA ORGANIC® was founded in 2012 and offers the only certified organic citrus juice in South Africa. The group only process citrus fruit from the four SOGA Growers to ensure the best quality and integrity for all their products.

Their frozen citrus juice products are Just squeezed & freezed® – 100% pure and natural with nothing added. It contains no preservatives, no additives, no added sugar, added water, no added colourings and no added flavourings. As a Certified Organic product, you are also guaranteed NO pesticide residues in any of the SOGA ORGANIC® citrus juice products. A healthy and unique alternative to all the sugar-loaded juices in the market today.

The only ingredient is the product and the product is the only ingredient. Now isn’t that refreshing?

For more information watch the SOGA Story on YouTube.

Where to get it: Visit the SOGA ORGANIC® online store or see the store locator for a stockist near you

Website: www.sogaorganic.co.za | Email: info@sogaorganic.co.za | Tel: 042 230 1376
Facebook: @Sogaorganic | Instagram: @Sogaorganic | YouTube: SOGA Organic


When two qualified chefs, one with Indonesian roots, joined forces to make tempeh more accessible and affordable to South Africans we knew the result would be good. Boemboe Foods is the brainchild of Malan and Julia Bartleman who shares a dedication to this fermented Indonesian ‘meat replacement’ staple. 

Boemboe Foods outfit is small-scale, with distribution in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal. Malan and Julia handcrafts a Chickpea, Black Bean, and non-GMO Soybean tempeh range that is naturally gluten-free and vegan.

The team only uses South African soybeans for their products, and the fermentation process allows for easier digestion by eliminating phytic acid. And they don’t pasteurize their tempeh – making it even fresher for consumers by keeping the good micro-organisms alive.

With zero cholesterol, tempeh boasts great calcium and is a natural source of plant-based B12 sources and the same quantity and quality of protein you’d find in chicken.

We know that tempeh may seem daunting for even the expert cook to tackle, so follow Boemboe Foods on social media or visit their website for easy and inspiring recipe ideas.

Where to get it: You can order directly from Boemboe Foods, or shop at selected Wellness Warehouse branches in the Western Cape, Granadilla Eats, Komati Foods, and other outlets

Website: www.boemboefoods.com | Email: boemboefoods@gmail.com | Tel: 076 493 7979
Facebook: @Boemboefoods | Instagram: @Boemboefoods


Not to be confused with kombucha, Good Gut’s range of delicious water kefir is traditionally fermented with the dairy-free water kefir culture to deliver a refreshing beverage that’s bursting with great gut-loving probiotics and beneficial enzymes that our bodies thrive on. Experts maintain that the key to good gut health is adding more probiotic-rich fermented foods, like kefir, to your diet.

The Good Gut water kefir is handmade in small batches fully vegan and flavoured with the freshest natural ingredients available to us to offer a crisp health drink as a wonderful alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Good Gut water kefir is 110% committed to developing natural beverages that will make a positive difference to the health and wellness of the community, just as they have done so for us.

Founders GD and Danielle Franken’s hope is that through the delicious probiotic water kefir, they help inspire and empower you and your family to lead happier healthier lives.
The Frankens also strive to only use natural ingredients, no additives, no preservatives and no colourants. And the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottling of the water kefir means they are safe, strong, shatterproof and chemically 100% recyclable into the same PET products.

Where to get it: Good Gut Water Kefir can be purchased from a range of stores in the Western Cape

Website: www.goodgut.co.za | Email: info@goodgut.co.za | Tel: 082 326 9354
Facebook: @Goodgutkefir | Instagram: @Goodgutwaterkefir


OrganiKaroo supplies truly pasture-raised, farm-fresh eggs and ethically sourced farm produce from other local farmers in the Karoo region.

Their meat and poultry selection includes free-range pork sausages and bacon, duck, chicken, and kudu burger patties, all without the harmful growth chemicals of intense factory farming. Farm butter, basil pesto, and other condiments are also available for order.

Founder Lena Botes’ move to the Klein Karoo in 2017 inspired her to try a hand at farming fully free-range eggs. The ethos of Botes and her team are simple and slow food-inspired – to offer her hens a humane and quality life resulting in wholesome and hormone-free produce.

The hens at OrganiKaroo are housed in a safe and secure coop at night, but during the day they roam the spacious Karoo fields where they forage to their heart’s content, spread their wings, fly and have their dust baths.

And in a true inclusive fashion, OrganiKaroo also offers homemade entirely wholefood vegan patties made from beetroot, mushrooms, and dhania if you follow a plant-based diet or just want to limit the amount of meat you consume.

Where to get it: OrganiKaroo delivers to Cape Town every fortnight for orders placed directly with them. Alternatively, you can buy online at Think Organic, The GreenHouse Grocer in Kenilworth, Nature’s Deli Health Shop in Table View, Ital Emporio in Parklands,

Website: OrganiKaroo | Email: organikaroo@gmail.com | Tel: 082 924 3605
Facebook: @OrganiKaroo | Instagram: @OrganiKaroo


Stone House Cheese is responding to the modern shopper’s demands for more natural cheese made through ethically sound practices. The Frasers are a passionate farming family with over 30 years of experience in the dairy industry.

Today they operate two farmsteads, Stone House Estate near Stanford, and Rotterdam Estate in Swellendam. And to further their passion, the farmers learned the craft of cheesemaking after months of careful planning and hard work. 

Their line of cheeses includes white mould varieties such as Brie and Camembert, hard cheeses, as well as subtle flavour infusions such as black pepper and Cajun spice for a more gourmet touch.

Next on their radar will be introducing yoghurt to their product portfolio, and gradually start producing more hard cheeses.

Stone House Estate is also a great city escape for families with their self-catering accommodation as a way to experience a simpler life and starry skies. Guests can watch cows being milked or pop into the factory to see the cheesemaking process.

Where to get it: You can order via the Stone House Cheese website or pop in at Constantia Glen winery in Constantia, and Meerendal Wine Estate in Durbanville

Website: www.stonehousecheese.co.za | Email: stonehouse@twk.co.za | Tel: 074 156 7406
Facebook: @StoneHouseEstateCheese | Instagram: @StoneHouse_Cheese_Estate


Camphill Village’s dairy range is already a firm favourite with a few faithful followers for the quality and sustainability of their organic full-cream yoghurt, cream and soft cheeses. But not everyone is aware that the dairy is part of an organic collective of four impressive enterprises including The Bakery, The Daily Goods Store and The Cosmetics Shop. 

The secret to The Bakery is a 23-year-old starter dough that enhances the flavours and texture of their 100% Rye and half Rye breads. Head baker Max and his team boost the baked goods range with homemade rusks as well as granola.

The Daily Goods Store harvests seasonal vegetables that are free from chemicals, pesticides and other nasties. Besides veggies, guavas, braai wood and free-range eggs can be bought from their Market taking place on the first Sunday of every month.

And for an eco twist to beauty products, The Cosmetics Shop collection uses only the purest high-grade essential oils, extracts from their Jojoba plantation, and other farm-grown herbs such as lavender, rosemary and geranium. The product portfolio includes massage oils, lip balms, deodorants, body moisturiser and soaps.

But more importantly, Camphill Village provides a safe space for approximately 100 intellectually challenged adults to live and work. This wonderful initiative gives them a chance to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. All the products made in the various enterprises and revenue goes entirely towards the stability of the organisation.

Where to get it: You can buy the Camphill Village range online via Granadilla Eats. Use code “CV150” for R150 off your first order. Also visit The Daily Goods in Muizenberg for online and in-store shopping and Aum Health Hub in Melkbosstrand

Website: www.camphill.org.za | Email: info@camphill.org.za | Tel: 021 571 8600
Facebook: @CamphillVillageWestCoast | Instagram: @CamphillWestCoast


Tea of Life pride themselves in brewing and selling 100% raw and unpasteurized kombucha since 2014. The team carefully crafts their kombucha in small batches using African Tea blends and ingredients. Tea of Life sticks to the traditional principle of not speeding up the process which helps with creating a space for the scobies to function optimally – one bottle can take up to two months before it is ready for retail.

Their kombucha flavours include exciting flavour varieties such as Rose Geranium, Buchu and Lemon, Ginger, and Rooibos and Lemongrass. The latest addition is infused with hemp essential oil for a truly unique and pioneering summer drink.

You will find the kombucha bottled in glass versus plastic, and Tea of Life also try their best to recycle and reuse whatever they can to keep the carbon footprint very low. 

Owner Elizbeth Gunther started this small business from humble beginnings and allowed it to grow organically and remains connected with the outlets who stock her brand.

An avid surfer, Gunther suffers from Type 1 diabetes so making a kombucha that is diabetic friendly and that won’t contribute to destroying the ocean is very important.

Where to get it: Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Giovanni’s in Greenpoint, Simply Natural in Canal Walk, and other outlets

Website: www.teaoflife.co.za | Email: kombucha@teaoflife.co.za | Tel: 082 775 0398
Facebook: @TeaofLifeKombucha | Instagram: @TeaofLifeKombucha


Spicy Bulldog Pty Ltd is an independent label specialising in artisanal Rooibos infused chutney and wholegrain mustard. The driving force behind these entirely homemade products is David Stephens, who is casting a distribution network across top delis and farm stalls in the greater Western Cape region.

Spicy Bulldog’s range of products is fully homemade, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free. Stephens prepares his sauces in small batches ensuring minimal cooking times and filled with natural flavours and colours.

The chutney collection includes four great flavours such as Blueberry and Beetroot, Mango Curry, Sweet Chilli, and Hot Chilli for the more adventurous. But it is the Rooibos-infusion in all the products that shot this brand to fame. Spicy Bulldog also crafts homemade mustard including Wholegrain Strong Mustard and Wholegrain Original Mustard.

Use them as condiments in stews and “Boere Potjies”, as a spread on sandwiches, a dip with cocktails or as a sauce with any meat.

Where to get it: Shop online at Faithful by Nature, or Herbivorous in Milnerton, The Great Cape Trading Company in Big Bay, as well as stores in Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Riebeek Kasteel

Email: spicybulldogchutney@gmail.com | Tel: 083 463 8443
Facebook: @SpicyBulldog 


This quarantine has renewed the passion of baking locally and abroad. #Sourdough challenge anyone? And any dedicated artisan baker will highlight the importance of stoneground flour that’s able to rise to the challenge. The stoneground milling process famously retains many of the nutrients often lost when it comes to conventional roller milling.

Millstone Artisan Flour offers an ever-expanding range of premium speciality stoneground flour and products. The milling company based in Durban launched from honest, humble beginnings in 2000. Today it forms part of the Just Flour umbrella and supplies quite a few blue-chip and respected bakers in the industry.

Their product range includes stoneground varieties of wholemeal wheat flour, cake and brown and white bread flour, as well as 100% rye specialty flour. And don’t forget to give their Farina “00” range a try for some flop-free gnocchi at home. 

If you’re a bakery or restaurant owner, Millstone Artisan Flour allows flexibility and custom solutions on their wheat products with great support and consistently good flour at the right price.

Where to get it: Contact the Millstone Flour team for your closest retailer and/or distributor

Website: www.justflour.co.za | Email: info@justflour.co.zaTel: 031 500 9812
Facebook: @Millstoneflour | Instagram: @Millstoneflour

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