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Fairtrade Africa: Local Wineries with a Cause

Fairtrade Africa: Local Wineries with a Cause

Fairtrade Africa is a sustainable development initiative that draws attention to the story behind the products on our shelves and commits to sustaining the livelihoods of the frontline workers: the people behind the label.

Through professional and social impact, Fairtrade Africa instills a sense of dignity for the hands-on workers of the farming communities who are often overlooked. Fairtrade celebrates the vital roles they play and, in doing so, transforms not only the way people consider business relationships, but also the ability of the consumer to consciously contribute to positive social change.

Born out of ethical and inclusive business practices, Fairtrade Africa producers and products are internationally recognised and certified with a stamp that represents growth. This people-centric initiative paves the way for business owners to bridge the gap between the workplace and the community through socio-economic development.

A number of South African wine farms have joined the global Fairtrade movement, setting the bar for ethical trading and shopping. Here we shine a spotlight on five producers who are transforming the way we think about the origins of the wine we buy.

Fairtrade Africa: Local Wineries with a Cause


Piekenierskloof Wines champions the lifestyle of winemaking on and off the farm, taking the value of tradition and building new stories from the old vines with new tastes. Situated near the Cederberg Mountains, the farm offers a diverse collection of award-winning wine and great dining attractions.

Guests can also pick and choose their own selections, or try out the famous wine-tasting experiences – a mix of exciting pairings and excellent ranges for visitors to savour come rain or shine.

The tasting rooms offer a charming and historic feel and feature the fan-favorite Piekenierskloof Grenache Noir, Stonedance, and Six Hats ranges, best enjoyed among friends and family.

The Piekenierskloof deli has a mouthwatering menu serving guests quality artisanal products that celebrate local flavours and a broad offering of homemade goodness. Freshly-made cuisine that features naturally fed Angus beef and lamb sourced directly from the family farm.

FAIRTRADE ETHOS: Piekenierskloof Wines celebrates a time-honoured tradition that tells stories of the people behind their illustrious brand, having been Fairtrade certified for 17 years. The team works with the community in mind, pioneering social impact to help improve the lives of the workers and their families.

Bergendal’s Empowering Women campaign is highly praised for supporting all women both young and old. The initiative drove life skills and health awareness supports the free creche, daycare, and aftercare facilities and empowers women to through various training and information programmes.

Where: Tastings & Deli – De Tol Farm Deli, Piekenierskloof N7 pass, Citrusdal | Wine Cellar – Nieuwoudt Street, Citrusdal

Website: | Email: | Tel: 067 410 3315 or 022 921 2233
Facebook: @PiekenierskloofWines | Instagram: @piekenierskloofwine

Fairtrade Africa: Local Wineries with a Cause


Lutzville Vineyards is a staple of great wine that originated along the banks of Olifants River, boasting a small footprint with a big heart in sustaining the soil, and livelihoods of people through ethical business and trade. The vineyards and wines list is a local favourite, adored by South Africans and aborad – this is a wine-loving gem situated along the West Coast Wine Route.

The brand has etched its name in the history books and offers wine collections that boast their signature taste that is loved by locals and celebrated by the global wine market.

Their range features the resounding Diamond Collection, Francois Le Vaillant and Chateau Del Rei – each bringing a special character to the glass and a hallmark of the brand’s passion in the art of viticulture.

The venue features fabulous dining that infuses fresh, organic and free-range products, along with a delightful range of cheeses selections served all year round. Whether you’re revisiting the venue or want to get a firsthand experience of top-quality food and wine – Luzville Vineyards is worth every sip and nibble for a memorable wine escape.

FAIRTRADE ETHOS: At the heart of the winery, are the people who keep the wine culture growing and drive the heritage of wine, each as unique and full of flavour as the community. 

Lutzville Vineyards are one of the largest accredited Fairtrade wineries in SA since 2017 and the only one in the Matzikama Local Municipality. The majority of the Fairtrade Premium establishes sustainable projects that generate an income for the beneficiaries in the long term.

The finances help people on an immediate basis too – providing needs such as furniture for homes, toys for children, basic daily needs, eye-care and purchasing of vehicles. Lutzville Vineyards has helped the children of farmworkers, providing essential schooling items and uniforms, and the clinic on-site provides quality healthcare facilities and prompt access to medical services.

Where: Lutzville Vineyards, R363 (8165), Lutzville

Website: Email: Tel: 076 812 4344
Facebook: @LutzvilleVineyards | Instagram: @lutzville_vineyards

Fairtrade Africa: Local Wineries with a Cause


Journey’s End Vineyards is a prestigious location nestled beautifully among the striking Schapenberg hills, boasting amazing scenery to unwind with their renowned collection of world-class wine.

The brand is known for producing some of the globe’s most loved bottles, each with a unique character and traits that hits all the right notes. A local treat within the Cape’s backyard for locals and brings the international market something special.

Winemakers Leon Esterhuizen and Mike Dawsonminimal have formed a winning recipe in the cellar, working with the workers and farmers to garner exceedingly good taste and a wine venue that delivers an intimate wine escape for guests to enjoy.

FAIRTRADE ETHOS: Journey’s End received the Ethical Company of the Year accolade by The Drinks Business Green Awards, paying respect to Journey’s End Foundation’s work. The brand became fully Fairtrade certified in 2017 and continues to pour passion into the building blocks of the community, and also has strong ties to nature with an unwavering commitment to sustainable farming, and conservation of native fauna and flora.

The team is a champions in the fields of social upliftment by providing 1,000,000 meals to local residents by the end of 2020. The Foundation has undertaken social responsibilities with pride and makes each project and provision for the needs of people and their way of living.

Journey’s End upholds dignified ideals in their contribution to the community, and their respect for nature and the soil has been praised highly, having recently attained WWF Conservation Champion status in 2021.

Where: Farm 25, Rd, Sir Lowry’s Pass

Website: | Email: Tel: 021 8581929
Facebook: @journeysendwines Instagram: @journeysendwines


Fairtrade Africa: Local Wineries with a Cause


BONO Holdings is a leading facilitator of agricultural empowerment, who specialise in management and exports within the fresh produce market, both locally and around the globe. They have a wealth of experience and resources to drive inclusive growth, implement stronger foundations for communities to be economically secure and pave the way for future generations to come.

Their value chain supports workers, farmers and beneficiaries all across the board by offering supportive infrastructure within farming communities. BONO Holdings brings inclusive growth to disadvantaged people and provides a foundation so that they can become specialists and lead the way for change for generations to come.

The company continues to provide skills transfer, healthcare facilities and assists in the financial well-being of Black Empowerment farms across Western Cape and SA. For more about their vision and current projects, please visit

FAIRTRADE ETHOS: BONO Holdings have built their passion by building a foundation for people to secure future prosperity. Their transforming businesses by providing resources in training development, financial support for workers and communities with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

As a Fairtrade partner, they play an important role in multiplying the positive social projects, on the wider community in which the partners operate. Their direct community interaction brings attention to education, health, food security, housing, energy as well as empowerment and recreational activities.

Workers, farmers and producers receive a fair chance to improve their trade and pass on a wealth of knowledge on a long-term basis, and this is what BONO Holding represents – an equal footing for all and a foundation to enhance the lives of people and their communities.

Where: Ground Floor, Liesbeek House, River Park, Gloucester Rd, Mowbray
Website: Email: Tel: 021 680 5360

Fairtrade Africa: Local Wineries with a Cause


Bergendal Boerdery forms part of the Piekenierskloof Wine Company situated on the stunning mountain slopes near Cirtrusdal – a beacon of social prosperity among the Cape’s Fynbos Floral Kingdom, rooted in family and community as a stunning Fairtrade Farm.

At the heart of the farm lies the community, who keep the spirit of the region alive. Bergendal Boerdery produces unique terroir of Rooibos tea, dried fruit, citrus and of course the prestigious Piekenierskloof Wines. It has developed into the valley of hope, both economically and looks after the way of life of people – who are valued first and foremost. 

Bergendal Boerdery’s community is what drives the brand’s success, and mixes the value of trade and sustainability projects so that people come first and the fruits of labour follow naturally. Their business partners include Everseason and Carmien Tea, who create some of the finest products from the daily harvests made on the farm.

FAIRTRADE ETHOS: Most recently for this year’s Youth Day activations, the farm collaborated with Hebron Community Projects and ACT-Citrusdal, who set up a day of music and fun for the children. This is one of many projects that unites the people, by looking out for one another and making the region a place to call home. 

Bergendal Boerdery showcases the beauty of Fairtrade’s standards and outreach – that creates a base for workers to gain financial stability and provide for their families. The farm is a success made for and by the people, one that shows the promise of sustainable roots and an integral part of community life.

Where: Bergendal Boerdery, Bergendal, Citrusdal

Website: | Tel: 022 921 8800
Facebook: @BergendalBoerdery