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Essential Guide to Pampering Your Pets

Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits… there are plenty of special animal friends that can make our lives all the better and happier! But if you’re looking to make your furry friend happy too, we’ve got your essential guide to pampering your pets below thanks to the help of some lekker local businesses. Robyn Kirk picks out some special grooming and snack treats for your best friend.


Happy Hounds is putting food back into dog food. They believe that dogs should not just enjoy mealtimes as much as we do, but deserve to live long happy lives by eating fresh food that has not been heavily processed – which is why they provide the healthiest dog food, delivered directly for freshness and convenience!

Happy Hounds carefully selects ingredients from nature to ensure they are not just healthy, but gentle on the planet. All vegetables are organic and the meat is ethically farmed.

Their recipes are co-designed by top pet nutritionists to ensure optimum health for your hound and contain no artificial colourants, preservatives, or added sugar.

Available products include a trial pack for your hound to experience, subscription options for your convenience and the opportunity to custom create your order according to your needs. And remember to treat your dog to the Happy Hound range of meaty bones, wholesome broth or real gravy also on offer!

Where to get it: Join the Happy Hounds pack with 15% off your first order by using the code ‘Happy’ at checkout.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 064 874 5244
Facebook: @happyhoundsza  | Instagram: @happyhoundsza


Ricky Pet Products offer an all-natural product range for cats and dogs based on the active ingredient of the scientifically formulated Buchu extract so that your pets will look and feel good and healthy!

Buchu is a Fynbos shrub that is indigenous to South Africa and has a long history of use in traditional herbal alternatives to medicine. Buchu contains the potent bioflavonoids quercetin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin as well as diosphenol and Vitamins A, B, and E. Scientific literature has shown that these compounds reduce pain and inflammation in a wide range of conditions.

Its inclusion as the active ingredient helps to deal with pain and inflammation related to conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, bladder infection, and general injuries that may plague your beloved fur-baby. They also make grooming easier with specially-designed care products and supply yummy pet treats, too!

Ricky Pet Products offers an all-natural range of products so that your pets look and feel great. You can find it at your nearest supplier by visiting their website.

Where to get it: Available at leading vet stores and online stores nationwide. Visit the Ricky website to find your nearest store.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 554 6271
Facebook: @rickypetproducts | Instagram: @rickypetproducts


The best gift you can give your dog is the gift of quality time with you as you go on an adventure together!

South Hound is Cape Town-based company that launched this year and was born from the many hours that founder Kerry and her collieX, Scout, spent exploring the mountains.

As well as creating lekker, local, functional, classic gear for your adventure buddy, South Hound is also a growing community of hounds and humans who love exploring the wilds of South Africa together.

Their flagship product is the Scout Pack, a two-compartment saddle harness with adjustable strapping and a sturdy grip handle, that is perfect for your next day adventure together. Now your adventure hound can carry its own water, snacks, poo-bags while being comfortable and stylish, too!

Where to get it: You can get your very own Scout Pack for only R955 at the South Hound website or follow their Instagram to be part of the community.

Instagram: @southhound_za


Cool Dogs Ice Cream provides the ultimate treat for your dog, with a special range of ice cream designed just for them!

The journey to develop the ultimate treat for the “COOLEST DOGS” began in 2017 – when it became evident that dogs too needed to be spoilt. The aim was to make the most delicious, nutritious and healthy ice-cream for dogs that would not only be yummy but would also be a great alternative to dry dog treats.

After months of research and product development with a leading South African animal nutritionist, Cool Dogs Ice-cream was created. Only A-Grade/Human Grade ingredients are used in the manufacture of this product, which is packaged in a recyclable tub and lid – even the labels are edible!

Available in three delicious flavours – Blastin’ Biltong, Dazzlin’Duck and Swishin’ Strawberry – can be stored in the family fridge with no smell and no mess. Also be sure to check out their new Shakin’ & Lickin’ range – which can be mixed at home and is ready to eat in a few hours!

Where to get it: For a full list of stockists around the Western Cape, visit the Cool Dogs website.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 064 756 3220
Facebook: @cooldogsicecream | Instagram: @cooldogsicecream


All pets, big and small, deserve to be pampered! So if you’re looking for products specifically created for smaller animals, look no further than Willowlicious!

Whether your fur baby is a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, bird, or rat, Willowlicious has everything you’re looking for and more.

This online store was created because of the founder’s love of animals. Not only is Willowlicious heavily involved with rescue work for small creatures, its platform also aims to educate the public around correct dietary advice, care and housing for these animals.

One of their bestsellers is the pet mansion, a truly beautiful indoor house that will make your rabbit feel right at home. Constructed using out of kiln pine wood, it even has a balcony so that your pampered pet can enjoy the view! The lower area of the mansion has an elevated floor too keep pets cool in summer and warm in winter. It was also designed to be lightweight for easy handling and with a removable ramp.

Where to get it: Visit the Willowlicious website to see their full range of products, and find rescue animals looking for a home, too!

Facebook: @willowlicious | Instagram: @willowlicious_pet_supplies