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DIY Projects To Try This Weekend

You’ve binged all the series, rewatched your favourite movies and just about ran out of ideas for funny home videos. So what’s left to do with the hours of spare time between working and cooking?

Well, while we all have to stay home a little longer, there are definitely a few things needed to simplify your life. Why not take a crack at making some of those lockdown essentials yourself? Builders helped us put together an exciting list on simple, DIY projects that’ll make working, relaxing and playing a little easier.

Up Your Work Game

DIY Projects 1: Laptop Stand

Transitioning your home into a workspace has undoubtedly been one of the biggest challenges, especially those of us without a home office. Not to mention the added strain of spending hours behind a laptop on the dining room table turned office desk.

A laptop stand is convenient and helps position your body in the most comfortable way possible. The stand also positions laptops so that to stay cool and protect it from unavoidable coffee spills and sticky toddler-fingers.

With just a few pieces of wood, everyday tools and some adhesive, a DIY laptop stand is an inexpensive way to increase work efficiency, reduce strain on your neck and hands, and makes a great story for your social media.

DIY Projects 2: Desk Organiser

Picture this, you’re on a video conference call, you’re asked to take down important notes of the meeting but as you reach for a pen you realise your stationery stash has mysteriously rolled its way to the floor (most likely assisted by the cat).

Having an organised desk is crucial to keep order in your workspace and has psychological benefits such as improving mental stability and focus, and increasing productivity. Less mess, less stress!

Repurpose the many empty tin cans you’ve hoarded and vowed to take to the recycling plant, someday, and create a DIY desk organiser. Get the kids involved and create a unique holder for your stationery and other office essentials. Apart from the cans, all you’ll need is some spray paint, craft materials and heaps of imagination.

Relax, Take it Easy

DIY Projects 3: Zen Garden

Your home is usually your place of relaxation, a refuge away from the hustle and bustle of life. But now that your house has become an office, school and playground, you have to find a different way of escaping, without actually going anywhere.

A Zen garden, which is a traditional Oriental space filled with sand and a collection of rocks, is a great addition to a yard or inside space. Used as a meditative space, a Zen Garden allows you to destress and unwind. It is also a great way to utilizes unused space and is low cost and low maintenance.

All you’ll need is a few household tools, rocks, pebbles and other materials gathered from your very own yard, to create your very own calming, indoor escape.

DIY Projects 4: Mood Board

Being confined to the same setting during lockdown can make finding creativity difficult. And brainstorming alone or via Zoom sessions has not been ideal either.

Why not create a mood board to help the creative juices flow. A mood board is a collection of pictures, ideas or anything you find inspiring, to help navigate and visualise ideas for any work or home project.

With a few pieces of plywood and paint, a mood board also helps in setting a peaceful, serene corner of your house. You can include botanicals and inspirational quotes.

It’s Play Time

DIY Projects 5: DIY Board Game

Juggling your work and home life in one place can be trying, especially when you’re racking your brain on how to entertain the kids.

DIY projects are a great way to have fun with the entire family with the added fun of this DIY board game.

Board games allow everyone to have a chance to laugh together leaving and increases communication. It also provides a welcomed break from other distractions such as mobile phones or the television.

DIY Projects 6: String and Nail Art

How many puzzles have you and your family gone through so far? And while puzzles is a great activity that can involve the entire family, why not take it up a notch as create a string and nail art piece.

With just a piece of wood, nails and string, you can create a truly unique artwork. And it is so simple!