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Zulu Oracle & Herbalist Experience

Event information

The Zulu Oracle & Herbalist experience provides an opportunity to go on a consultation with a traditional Zulu Healer and learn about plant medicine, the power of prayer, and how to communicate with an ancestor in this offering by Zulu Safaris.

The sangoma or healer stays in Molweni village, whose rivers and hills are toured during the experience. The sangomas are knowledgeable about communication with ancestors and traditional herbalism. Every sangoma's training varies depending on their family lineage and location. During the consultation, sangomas will use traditional methods such as throwing bones to reveal hidden truths.

The consultation lasts 45 minutes. The tour includes all transfers, although lunch and the sangoma consultation fees are excluded.

Venue address: 85 OR Tambo Parade, South Beach, Durban

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Tel: 031 337 3103






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