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Waterfall Retreat and Environment Centre

Event information

Waterfall Retreat and Environment Centre is devoted to promoting overall wellness and preserving the wildlife and indigenous environment of the Nkutu Nature Reserve it is located on.

The basis of the centre’s environmental work is the ongoing removal of alien plants in order to maintain and restore the indigenous forests and protected grasslands of the reserve.

The practice of mindful awareness is the focus of all the activities at the retreat centre with the aim to deepen the understanding of the mind. The centre hosts a variety of gentle day retreats which include different yoga classes, some of which have been adapted to online platforms due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through the Mindfulness Association it provides study opportunities for all students of diverse backgrounds who have the willingness to develop their own practice.

The centre boasts luxurious accommodation in its Rustic Eco House and the popular Floating House, which floats above the natural forests of the centre with views toward the Krantzkloof end of the Nkutu Valley.

Date: Daily

Time: Booking required

Venue address: The Waterfall Retreat and Environmental Centre, 20 Debengeni Rd, Waterfall

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown





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