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Vilakazi Street

Event information

Vilakazi Street in Soweto stands as a tourist attraction, known for its historical significance and vibrant cultural atmosphere.

It is notably the only street in the world to have been home to two Nobel laureates - Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Visitors can embark on a free, self-guided tour, strolling down the cobbled streets and taking in the charm of the vibrant community.
The Mandela House, where Nelson Mandela lived from 1946 to 1962, has been converted into a museum that provides insight into his life and the struggle against apartheid. The Desmond Tutu House also offers a glimpse into the life of the renowned archbishop.

The street is adorned with various art installations, murals, and sculptures, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Soweto. Street performances and local musicians often lend a lively atmosphere to the surroundings, creating an engaging experience for passersby.

Engaging with the community is a significant aspect of the Vilakazi Street experience. Interacting with residents and sampling local cuisine at the street vendors and restaurants can provide an authentic taste of Soweto's culture.

Vilakazi Street offers a compelling blend of history, culture, and community interaction, making it a must-visit destination for those interested in South Africa's vibrant heritage.

Venue address: Vilakazi St & Moema St, Orlando West, Soweto

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