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The Ski Deck

Event information

The Ski Deck in Ferndale is a premier skiing and snowboarding training facility in South Africa

Established as part of the Springbok Ski Club in the late 1970s, it is known for its advanced ski teaching systems and unique offerings.The facility has been upgraded to include the latest ski teaching technologies, such as the Sky Tec® Power Carver, the first fully computerized ski and snowboard simulator in the southern hemisphere.

The Ski Deck features a variety of training surfaces, including a 20-meter-long static ski slope for additional free practice offering beginners a platform to learn and improve their skiing techniques without the inconvenience of natural snow conditions.
The rotating surfaces simulate the feel of skiing on real snow, allowing for continuous practice and immediate feedback from instructors. This setup benefits beginners and advanced skiers looking to refine their skills before hitting actual slopes.

In addition to ski and snowboard training, The Ski Deck is also a popular venue for kids' parties. There's bumboarding, a trampoline, a zip line, and a jungle gym within an enclosed garden area, providing a fun and safe environment for celebrations.

The facility includes a well-stocked ski and snowboard shop that imports a wide range of high-quality ski clothing and equipment from leading brands. This ensures that customers have access to the latest gear and can be well-prepared for their skiing holidays.

Time: Mon to Fri: 8:30am to 5:00pm | Sat: 8:30am to 2pm | Sun: 10am to 1pm

Price: R540 per lesson | 6 Lessons R2700

Venue address: Entrance on, 74 Bond St, Elgin Ave, Ferndale, Randburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: No


Tel: +27 11 781 6528




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