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The Shred Indoor Skatepark

Event information

The Shred is one of Cape Town’s most trendy indoor skateparks that brings out the best of extreme-sport culture and the local community together in one setting.

The skatepark’s design includes ramps, stair-sets, rails, quarter pipe and the very popular skate bowl. The venue is situated in Paarden Eiland, and open to all ages and all wheels – that includes skaters, rollerblades, scooters and BMX riders.

The venue hosts daily 3 hour sessions from 8am to 6pm that features Half Price Mondays. The Open Night/All Wheels Night takes place on Tuesdays and Skate Night hosts skaters only, from 16years and older on Wednesdays – both sessions start from 6pm

The experienced staff members also host one-on-one and group skating lessons for kids and older riders. The team are on hand to provide a safe and enjoyable skating activities guiding kids through the basics in skateboarding. For more booking information about the skating lessons/bookings, please visit

The venue’s hosts a range of special events throughout the year and competitions that showcase some of the best talent in South Africa’s skating/BMX scene. To view past events please visit

Riders and guests can order various dishes and treats from the Eiland Eatery’s breakfast and lunch menus, and The Coffee Shop – offering a range of pizzas and burgers, treats, coffee and beverages.

The restaurant hosts weekly burger specials from Friday to Sunday, which includes vegan options. The Eiland Eatery offers takeaway menus on Uber and is available on the website

Guests can pre-book a 3-hour Session in advance at The Shred Indoor Skatepark by contacting 021 510 2918 – a maximum of 30 riders are allowed in the park per session. The venue practices safe pandemic regulations for rider safety.

Time: Mon to Sun 8am-6pm

Price: R50-R220

Venue address: The Shred, 68 Auckland St, Paarden Eiland Cape Town

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: +27 21 510 2918