The Barnyard Theatre

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Venue address:
Entrance 12, Tyger valley Shopping Centre, Bellville

Tel: 087 094 6124

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The Barnyard Theatre is a popular entertainment franchise with venues scattered across South Africa, offering a unique blend of live music, comedy, and theater in a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. Each Barnyard Theatre venue features a distinct barnyard-inspired design, creating a rustic and inviting ambiance for patrons.

Known for its "Rocking the Globe" concept, the Barnyard Theatre stages live performances that span various musical genres, from rock and pop to Motown and more. The venues often host tribute shows, celebrating the music of legendary artists and bands, providing audiences with a nostalgic and engaging experience.

With multiple locations in cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban, the Barnyard Theatre has become a go-to destination for those seeking a lively night out. The venues typically offer restaurant-style dining, allowing patrons to enjoy a meal before or during the show. This dinner-theatre setup enhances the overall experience, making it a social and entertaining outing for friends and families alike.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Accessibility details: Wheelchair access is provided.

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