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Stone Circle Museum

Event information

The Stone Circle Museum was launched in 2008 by author Michael Tellinger. It displays 1000's of unique tools and artefacts connected to a vanished civilization of Southern Africa.

A stop-over near the Elands River in Waterval Boven, the site is aimed at the ‘curious traveller’. Consisting of a small country bistro, bookshop and museum, this is a place where new-age thinkers share ideas, and host regular talks and events.

Items on display include aerial photographs of never-seen-before ruins; information about Adam’s Calendar; fossils and petrified body parts of humanoids, dinosaurs, reptilians and even giants; cone-shaped tools which are the main components of SASER technology; torus stones, and stones that ring like bells.

The museum offers evidence suggesting that an ancient civilization was mining gold on a vast scale across all of southern Africa, and that they used sound as a tool.

Stone Circle Lodge & Museum offers accommodation for travelers touring to ancient ruins and searching for answers to the mysteries of life and true origins of humankind.

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Venue address: 17 Zasm Rd, Waterval Boven

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: 013 257 0479 | 063 268 1241



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