Signal Hill and the Noon Gun

Venue address:
Military Rd, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town, 8001

The details

Many people visit Signal Hill every day to witness an old Cape tradition, the firing of the Noon Gun: a cannon which is one of the oldest guns in daily use worldwide. The hill is 350 meters high and is situated in between Sea Point and the City Bowl.

The historic gun was fired for the first time in 1806 and was used as a signal to ships in Table Bay. It can be found at the South African Navy’s Lion Battery on Signal Hill and is part of the story of Cape Town’s history of colonial occupations, wars, and apartheid. Visitors can watch as two guns are loaded with one and a half kilograms of gunpowder, after which the cannoneer raises a flag and shares the history of the gun.

It is recommended that guests arrive 30 minutes before the firing, and bring or purchase earplugs due to the high volume of the blast. Signal Hill also functions as a paragliding launch site and visitors can book a session with one of the many accredited operators in Cape Town.

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