R150 to R400

Date: Tuesdays to Sundays

Time: 8am to 5pm

Venue address:
209 Tafelberg Rd, Table Mountain (Nature Reserve), Cape Town

Tel: +27 82 776 0557

The details

Freewheeling downhill runs on non-motorised scooters. Originally used on the ski slopes of the Alps during the snow-free summer season, these Swiss-designed, easy to manoeuvre scooters are a safe and unique way to have fun while exploring the outdoors.

All participants receive riding instructions by friendly staff, as well as helmets and cycling gloves, and transport to the top of each run is included in the package.  

There are birthday party options for kids 10 years and older, who will be able to ride their own scooter. Parties for four-to-nine year-olds are an adventure for the whole family because parents will ride the scooter with their children. To qualify for birthday party rates, there needs to be a group of at least six people, and a free online invitation is included in each birthday party booking. 

The tours end at Deer Park, and participants are encouraged to bring snacks and refreshments to enjoy a picnic afterward.

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Wheelchair accessibility: No

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