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Mike’s Heritage House

Event information

Parktown boasts some of the most beautiful and well-maintained heritage buildings in the city. One you can visit basically whenever you like is Mike's Heritage House, an intimate and family-friendly restaurant.

The double-storey house had 12 rooms and was built for James Goch, a photographer of the early Johannesburg scene. Over the years the property has survived by being a hotel in the 1930s, and then the Overseas Visitors' Club in the 1960s. The city council wanted to demolish it in 1978 but Parktown Heritage Trust campaigned with a petition of 12 000 signatures to halt the demolition. In 1982 the venue became Mike's Kitchen and retains an elegant Victorian presence in the suburb.

This family-friendly restaurant in Johannesburg aims to be your ultimate spot for great steaks, burgers, and a well-curated wine list.

For breakfast, there are options ranging from light to full farmhouse, plus baked goods and breakfast plates. During the day or for dinner, there's a solid list of inventive toppings for grilled meat, interesting starters, pork, chicken, and fish done in different ways.

Time: Mon - Sat 8am - 10pm | Sun 8am - 6pm

Venue address: 15 St Andrews Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes


Tel: +27 11 484 2688





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