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Mead Tasting

Event information

Join an immersive mead tasting experience hosted by the Cape Town Meadery, and discover diverse mead offerings, learn about its rich history, and meet skilled mead makers. Mead is an alcoholic drink with traces dating as far back as 20 000 years. It is made from fermented honey mixed with water and yeast and accented with anything from fruits to spices.

The Cape Town Meadery mazers blend ancient African traditions with modern twists to rejuvenate the world’s oldest beverage, drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes and rich history of Africa to craft each batch of mead with precision, passion, and a commitment to sustainability.

This mead tasting journey includes Cape Town Meadery's signature Mead Method Traditional bubbly, a crisp Braggot Honey Lager, and ten other unique mead styles. The different mead varieties on offer are described as having the elegance of a fine wine but the creativity of a craft beer.

Date: 6 and 27 July 2024

Time: 6 & 27 Jul, 11.30am to 1.30pm | 2.30pm to 4.30pm

Price: R120pp

Venue address: Cape Town Meadery, 27 7th Ave, Maitland, Cape Town

Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown





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