Maboneng Township Art Experience: Langa

Dates: 15 June 2021 to 9 July 2021

Venue address:
Washington St, Langa, Cape Town

Tel: 068 023 5048

The details

Maboneng Township Experiences is a non-profit organization that aims to transform townships attractions and creative districts. The non-profit has created many home galleries in Langa and invites guests to take a township art and community tour in Cape Town’s oldest township.

The tour experience offers three guided tours in Cape Town: a half-day and full-day township art tour and a Table Mountain and Langa township art tour. In the Langa Township Art tour patrons visit gallery homes, stop by the Langa Heritage Museum, and read about the history of the township at the mosaic pillars.

The graffiti route is part of the tour and the student uprising in 1976 is discussed as the tour visits Xolilie Mosi’s monument. A traditional meal can be expected at both the half-day and full-day tours, however, the full-day tour also includes the opportunity to participate in an arts and music workshop.

The Table Mountain and Langa Township Art tour visit artist James Musoke-Lule at a popular Tanzanian restaurant as he leads guests around the city centre and shares his stories of the victories and defeats of being an artist in Africa. Musoke-Lule and guests stop by his studio and then move on to Langa to see the galleries where he and fellow artists exhibit their work. One of these artists is Velile Soha, who will lead a printmaking workshop in his gallery home.

Full day tours last five hours, while half day tours last three. Maboneng Township Arts Experience Tours are family-friendly and all ages are welcome.

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