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Lexi’s Eatery

Event information

At Lexi’s, they are striving for the most sustainable, conscious, moral and nutritious way of living and eating.

They believe eating a vegan diet, limiting the use of plastic, and sourcing locally and ethically is one way to chart the course to a better world. They encourage eating mostly plants, very little processed food and excluding animal products to the best of consumers' ability.

Not everyone’s journey is the same. For this reason, they have added a few non-vegan items to their menu to accommodate those flexitarians out there. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, batting, paleo or just a health nut, there's something here for you.

They've got a full house of breakfast options ranging from mushroom omelettes and choc chip flapjacks to TikTok oats and waffles. For a quick light lunch, there are falafel wraps, hearty soups and burgers. For a hungrier tummy, there are curries, stirfries and pasta. Healthy smoothies and cold-pressed juices are balanced with sweet treats.

Lexi’s ethos and vision are to make a difference to South Africa (and maybe the world one day) in how people view plant-based food and lifestyle. To shift eating habits, create more conscious actions, mindful actions and effect a greater positive change. To do that you need to be inclusive, understanding and practical.

Time: Mon - Fri 7.30am - 9pm | Sat 8.30am - 9pm | Sun 8.30 am - 3.30pm

Venue address: Rosebank, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: +27 83 300 1210





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