Ladles of Love: Feeding Scheme

Time: Mon- Fri 9am-4pm | Sat 9am-1pm

Venue address:
Unit 4, Hewett Park, 17 Hewett Ave, Epping, Cape Town

Tel: 063 513 8947

The details

Ladles of Love is about more than merely providing meals.
It’s about dignity, respect, and creating the kind of world we all want to live in.

Mission Statement

To help people thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually and sustainably with love, dignity and respect.
To provide nutritious and wholesome food available to all.
To support our farmers grow natural wholesome food in an economical and sustainable way.
To empower food entrepreneurs to grow businesses that create jobs and adds to the economy of our country.

The story of the charity organisation started when Danny Diliberto participated in a course through the Art of Living Foundation, inspiring him to create a project to give back to society.

Course participants were encouraged to head out into the streets of Cape Town to offer hot tea to homeless people. As a restaurateur, Danny decided instead to make use of his restaurant kitchen and cook up a fresh pot of soup.

While walking the streets of Cape Town, he encountered a homeless man, wrapped in an old duvet, who was shouting and swearing at the world out of frustration.

Danny offered him soup and instantly recognised the immense power of this simple gesture. The man stopped shouting, accepted the soup and thanked Danny before continuing on his way. The soup met a basic need. But, more than that, it also had the power to restore dignity, even if just for a moment.

Uncertainty about how to start a charity did not stop him. On a chilly July evening in 2014, a small team of volunteers came together to serve 70 hot meals at the first official soup kitchen. That same kitchen now happens every week – along with many others – serving hundreds of nutritious meals weekly.

There are so many ways to help. From boiling eggs or making sandwiches at home, to organising a fundraiser or helping us set up a community kitchen. A monthly contribution would be ideal, but a once-off donation is equally appreciated. Every bit of support matters, and they have made it as easy as possible for you to get involved and make a real, measurable difference.

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