Josephine Mill

Date: Mondays to Saturdays

Time: Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm | Sat 10am to 2pm

Venue address:
13 Boundary Rd, Newlands, Cape Town

Tel: 021 687 0099

The details

The Josephine Mill is an experiential museum where one can see and hear the site’s original 1840's waterwheel turn. It was left to The Cape Town Historical Society by its heir in 1975, and is a little slice of history in Newlands, Cape Town. It is the only remaining water mill in Cape Town, and features a small curated collection of art and artefacts, as well as an exhibition of the stone milling process.

Built soon after 1819, the old iron wheel continues to create stone-ground flours, which are baked on site and sold to the public. It bears testament to a time when humans harnessed nature’s forces, and its caretakers hope to reconnect visitors with age-old traditions and to a time when people lived close to nature and were deeply connected to its rhythms and seasons.

The mill is the heart and soul of the venue, and is a place where tenant millers and visitors gather. It is also home to a collection of artisanal offerings, plus a Mill Shop which provides a selection of wholesome natural and organic products. Art projects, performances, workshops and readings that explore aspects of culture and nature are frequently held here.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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