Jolly Roger Pirate Boat


Date: Daily

Time: 9.30am to 6pm

Venue address:
Shop 7a, Quay 5, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 421 0909

The details

The Jolly Roger Pirate boat sails on daily scheduled cruises. 

The Jolly Roger Pirate is a popular tourist attraction in Cape Town, known for its distinctive pirate-themed tours and entertainment. This iconic vessel offers visitors a unique experience of sailing along the scenic coastline while being immersed in a playful pirate narrative.

The ship's exterior is adorned with classic Jolly Roger flags, contributing to its thematic charm. Onboard, guests can enjoy interactive pirate shows and themed activities suitable for all ages.

The crew, dressed in pirate attire, adds a touch of theatricality to the experience, engaging passengers with lighthearted banter and pirate tales. The ship itself is a replica of a traditional galleon, combining historic aesthetics with modern safety standards.

Cruises typically provide stunning views of Table Mountain and the city's coastline, making it a picturesque adventure for those seeking a different perspective of Cape Town. While the Jolly Roger Pirate may not offer an authentic historical journey, it caters to families and tourists looking for a fun-filled maritime escapade.

It's advisable to check the schedule and offerings beforehand to ensure alignment with personal preferences and expectations

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Wheelchair accessibility: No

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