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JoburgPlaces Storytelling Dinners

Event information

Storytelling Dinners are hosted on selected Friday and Saturday evenings in the historic victorian Thunder Walker arcade building.

The exciting evening includes drinks, storytelling in the banquet hall in between courses, and a chance to explore the historic bank vault. Distinct cuisine is served to match the evening's themes, with a live recital of the famed Thunder Walker poem to conclude the dinner party.

Storytelling Dinners are divided into two themes, Migrant Cuisine and the 7-Phases of Joburg. The Migrant Cuisine Storytelling Dinner tells the history and stories of the migrant communities of the city and their foods. The casual dinner includes six migrant-inspired dishes. Dishes include foods from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, China, India, Ethiopia and a Cape Malayan butternut soup with a Mediterranean baklava as one of two desserts.

The 7-Phases of Joburg themed dinner is a more formal three-course dinner. Global-Afro fusion cuisine is enjoyed and the storytelling focuses on the history and future development of Johannesburg. Guests hear about how the city was rebuilt six times in 13 decades, and learn about the different phases such as the Victorian Gold Rush phase, between courses. The evening ends with a story about the future seventh phase.

Storytelling is presented by Charlie Moyo, and food is prepared by the Thunder Walker culinary team. Guests are welcome to enjoy drinks after the dinner party is concluded until the restaurant is closed. Migrant Storytelling Dinners are held on Fridays, with 7-Phases dinners on Saturday evenings. Booking with prepayment is required for all bookings.

Venue address: 110 Fox St, Johannesburg

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Tel: 082 894 5216



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