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Jack Black Craft Beer: New Launch

Event information

Jack Black launches their third limited-edition release of the year: the Wolves of Winter, brewed with a once-off batch of robust and delicious oatmeal stout. This beer boasts hand-crafted packaging that makes it highly sought-after.

Roasted malts form the backbone of a pitch dark, rich and robust speciality beer. Generous oatmeal and hop additions add great complexity and balance to this heartwarming stout.
Since its inception into the limited release range in 2018, this stout continues to bring warmth to every Winter occasion.

The Wolves of Winter Oatmeal Stout was brewed with the following in mind: The Attention to detail, quality ingredients and premium packaging. It's perfect for sipping on while keeping the winter chills at bay.

Jack Black is a local craft brewery established in 2007 when founders Ross and Meg McCulloch began hand selling beers at the Old Biscuit Mill farmer's market in Cape Town. Fuelled by passion and perseverance, they set out to brew exceptional beers at a time when the concept of "craft beer" was unfamiliar to most South Africans.

Today, Jack Black is one of the most sought-after craft beer brands in Africa, driven by the goal of producing the best-tasting and highest quality beers on the continent.

Focussed on distinctive quality and innovation, Jack Black is made from the finest natural ingredients at the state-of-the-art Cape Town craft brewery. With a focus on flavour and a philosophy to innovate while staying true to traditional, hand-crafted methods, Jack Black brews beers that inspire a community of like-minded individuals driven to pursue their own passions - and celebrate with a cold beer along the way.

It can be purchased online.


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