Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome


Time: Tues - Sun 9am - 5pm

Venue address:
25 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

Tel: 021 481 3800

The details

The Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome presents an audio and visual experience of the planets, stars and galaxies, showcasing different themes throughout the year.

The Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome is the most technologically advanced digital full-dome theatre and research facility on the African Continent. With more than 13,000 visitors who have been amazed by the immersive multi-sensory experience, it is a must visit.

This world-class, multifunctional facility brings digital technology, creating a space of innovation and discovery where art, science and entertainment meet.

This facility not only provides an immersive multi-sensory edutainment platform for artistic production – it is also used for cutting-edge scientific research to optimize South Africa’s eResearch and data visualization capacity.

The Iziko Planetarium and Digital Dome makes virtual voyages of the universe possible, providing an unparalleled experience of animation and 360◦ cinema.

It also explores the inner workings of the human body, or the intricacies of an atomic structure.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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