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ImproGuise is an award-winning improv company that offers a range of improv sessions and live events, including 'off-the-cuff' shows based on suggestions from the audience.

Their popular 'ImproGuise Presents the Style High Club' is a five night long event that features a diverse range of long-form improv shows. They have regular shows every Monday night at the Galloway Theatre.

Due to restrictions brought on by the global Covid-19 pandemic the team moved their work to Facebook Live where they perform pop-up improv shows for their online audience. The group also performs at various venues, including launches, parties, fundraisers and other functions. Training workshops are also offered by the company for those interested in the performing arts or simply looking to learn a new skill with no previous experience necessary.

The performers engage their audiences through their TheatreSports act that encourages listening, teamwork, confidence and creativity, and is ideal as an ice-breaker at conferences and corporate events. The organisation is Cape Town’s longest-running improv venture, enjoying a commendable reputation for more than 20 years and is continuing strong.

Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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