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Himeville Fort and Museum

Event information

Reputed to be among the best rural museums in South Africa, Himeville Fort and Museum offers a wide range of exhibits. The venue is housed in an old stone fort (laager) started in 1896 by the Border Mounted rifles after the Le Fleur Rebellion of 1895.

Completed in 1899 it was taken over by the Natal Mounted Police and turned into a prison by the addition of the warder’s house and magistrates court along with a number of cells. Abandoned as a prison in 1972 it became a museum in 1976, and was declared a national monument in 1978.

An open-air exhibition of settler and agricultural history is surrounded by a number of display rooms housing themed exhibits and displays covering rock art, traditional crafts, natural history, military history amongst others.

There are fossils and Stone Age artefacts; a comprehensive display on the Bushmen, as well as African beadwork. Each room adds further interest to the fascinating history of South Africa. The displays also show the life of early settlers, the Anglo Boer War and the two World Wars.

Date: Tuesdays to Saturdays

Time: Tues to Sat 9am to 3pm | Sun 9am to 12.30pm

Venue address: Arbuckle St, Himeville

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

Tel: 033 702 1184



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