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Hennessy Back to the City

Event information

Back to the City is an annual Hip-Hop festival that celebrates urban culture and hip-hop music. This year the festival celebrates its 18th edition.

As one of Africa's largest and most influential hip-hop events, Back to the City draws attendees from all over the continent and beyond. The festival typically includes live music performances, dance battles, graffiti artists, and other elements of hip-hop culture.

Attendees are spoilt for choice with a jam-packed programme that includes:

- Live Music Performances: Featuring both local and international hip-hop artists, DJs, and producers, the festival showcases a wide range of talents and styles within the hip-hop genre.

- Dance Competitions: The event often includes breakdancing battles and other dance competitions, highlighting the skill and creativity of dancers in the hip-hop community.

- Graffiti and Art: Graffiti artists have a platform to display their work, often creating large-scale pieces live during the festival. This celebrates the visual art aspect of hip-hop culture.

- Fashion and Merchandising: The festival includes stalls and vendors selling hip-hop-inspired clothing, accessories, and other merchandise, reflecting the fashion trends within the hip-hop community.

- Workshops and Panels: These sessions provide opportunities for attendees to learn from industry professionals about various aspects of the music industry, including production, performance, and marketing.

- Community and Networking: The festival serves as a gathering place for hip-hop enthusiasts, providing opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate, and build networks within the industry.

Artist line-up to be confirmed.

Date: 12 October 2024

Time: From 11am onwards

Price: R300-R450

Venue address: Mary Fitzgerald Square, 120 Lilian Ngoyi St, Newtown, Johannesburg

Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown





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