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Hashtag Escape Adventures

Event information

Hashtag Escape is an escape room adventure game where families or groups of friends are trapped in a room with one hour to discover secrets, solve puzzles and escape. All rooms in Hashtag Escape are designed by a team of South African puzzle masters, creating a challenging and unique experience.

Three rooms are available to choose from, with an exciting wizardry and alchemy themed room coming soon. Their first room, Rebel Room, involves a secret mission to be accomplished, with a group of rebels as the antagonists. Closure, a crowd favourite and the most advanced and immersive escape room, is a paranormal adventure where investigators have been sent to an abandoned house to solve an ancient mystery. The last room, Hack Out, traps guests in a maximum-security detention facility where security systems have been disabled by a mysterious stranger. Guests have to rush to escape before they are reactivated.

All escape rooms require three to six players, although seven can be accommodated.

Date: Booking required

Time: Booking required

Venue address: 39 Grant Ave, Norwood, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: 072 235 4982





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