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Guga s’Thebe Theatre

Event information

The Guga S’Thebe Cultural Centre is a public space where communities can come together and enjoy art, design and performance. The centre has six active and tenanted studio spaces, a gathering space, an amphitheatre, an arts and craft shop and a multipurpose theatre.
When visiting the crafter studios you can browse their collections of locally sewn products, pottery, beading, and mosaic works. You can also enjoy drumming performances.

The multipurpose theatre was added to the centre in 2015 through shared partnerships, community participation, and social integration. The theatre represents innovative and sustainable design, as it is built out of old shipping containers, recycled wooden fruit crates and locally available building materials like straw and clay.

Guga s'Thebe Theatre stands as a symbol of empowerment, artistic expression, and cultural preservation in Langa Township. It has welcomed both local and international artists and is dedicated to nurturing creativity and celebrating the rich and diverse heritage of South Africa.

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Venue address: Washington St, Langa, Cape Town

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: 021 695 3493