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Ganora Fossil & Artifact Museum

Event information

The small Ganora Fossil Museum in Nieu Bethesda mainly houses finds made on the Ganora farm. These fossils are on average about 280 million years old, a time when reptiles roamed the earth before the age of the dinosaurs. There are small models which indicate what the reptiles looked like.

The museum also has fossilized leaves from Glossopteris trees which formed the coal mined in South Africa today. The Compasia dela Harpi fish fossil is also on show: it is thought to be the only complete example of this fossil in the world.

After a visit to the fossil museum where all discoveries are explained, visitors can do a guided fossil walk. The curators also offer fossil workshops where children can build their own reptiles with recycled products.

All excursions must be booked ahead of arrival. Guests can order sunset drinks and snacks to be enjoyed in the veld.

Date: Booking required

Time: Booking required

Venue address: Ganora Guestfarm, Nieu Bethesda

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: 049 841 1302 | 082 698 0029





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