Dhamma Pataka

Date: Daily

Time: Always Open

Venue address:
Vipassana Association of South Africa, C21 Brandwacht Rd, Brandwacht, Worcester

Tel: 060 358 8619

The details

The Dhamma Pataka is the first Vipassana centre to be established in Africa and is one of over 200 centres in the world. Situated in a lush field adorned with trees and water, the centre rests nestled amid the Audenberg mountain range at the end of a quiet road overlooking the Breede Valley.

The resort is located 130 km from Cape Town near Worcester, a small town in the Western Cape Province. The contemporary resort occupies land that was originally a holiday resort known as ‘Rustig’, an Afrikaans word meaning ‘peaceful’.

Founded in February 2005, the Dhamma Pataka is owned and managed by the Vipassana Association of South Africa Trust (VASA), a registered public benefit organisation, and offers frequent courses for both new and old students at the centre.

Vipassana is a Pali word meaning ‘to see reality as it is’; Vipassana Meditation is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation and is a method of self-transformation through self-observation. The meditative technique focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, which is experienced directly by strict attention to the physical sensations of the body that continuously interconnect and train the life of the mind. The specialised technique is taught at Ten-Day residential courses at Dhamma Pataka.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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