Deckle Edge

Date: Mondays to Saturdays

Time: Mon to Fri 8.30am to 5pm | Sat 8.30am to 1pm

Venue address:
13 Brickfield Rd, Salt River

Tel: +27 21 201 4100

The details

The Deckle Edge is an art-supply megastore in Salt River, offering a wide range of paper, art materials, and graphic supplies. Starting out as a small craft shop, gift shop, collector's shop and coffee shop, selling everything from rubber stamps to rooibos tea.

The store now includes specialist products for printmakers, illustrators, watercolourists, sculptors and many more. Realising that there are many who desire a touch of creativity in their lives, The Deckle Edge doesn’t just cater to artists but also exists for students getting through architecture school, brides planning their dream wedding, or mothers wanting to try a fun new activity with their kids. 

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

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