Date: Daily

Time: Mon to Thurs 11am to 9pm | Fri to Sun 9am to 6pm

Venue address:
21 Anson Rd, Observatory, Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 447 1326

The details

CityROCK is a rock climbing gym that offers 3 climbing options for children, over the age of 5, to develop correct climbing skills. They also provide birthday party services, as well as courses and programs to keep the little ones busy.

Climbing options:

Bouldering – The easiest and least expensive way of getting into climbing. The climbing itself is not high (between 2 and 4 metres) and does not require a rope. Soft foam mats are provided for children to jump down onto if they get tired. All that is needed is a pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag.

Automatic belay wall – An introduction to High Climbing as no experience is required. The rope is attached at the top of the wall (around 8 metres) to a braking system in the event of a fall, similar to a car seat belt, and lowers the child gently back down to the ground. A harness and shoes are required.

High wall top roping – Children are able to climb if they have someone to do the necessary rope work for belaying (the person who arrests a fall if the child falls). Parents are allowed to belay their child if they have passed the “Belay test” which ensures that they have the necessary skills. The belay test is free of charge.

Instructors can be be booked at an hourly rate to supervise and belay children - bookings made in advance to ensure availability. Everyone is required to climb in proper climbing shoes. This is not only for hygiene purposes but also to promote correct climbing techniques. Parents do not need to pay an entry fee but need to fill out a Waiver form.

Birthday parties:

CityROCK birthday parties consist of two hours of climbing, various games and activities and ample time for cake. Safety is the top priority, and proper instruction and supervision is given before and during each activity.

Activities include blindfolded ladder climbing, team races on the automatic belay wall, top rope climbing, bouldering and basic knot tying skills in a fun, high-energy atmosphere. The party area plus all equipment and supervision is included in the price. Catering is not included, but a selection of snacks and drinks are available for purchase. Up to 5 instructors are provided per party. Wavier forms are required to be filled out by parents or legal guardians.

Courses and Programs (ages 8 - 14 years):

- Beginner Program: This program is run once a week during school terms, and teaches children to tie the correct knots for climbing, proper belay techniques, basic climbing safety and introductory climbing techniques. Groups are small (max 6 children) to maximise learning and safe climbing on the walls

- Intermediate Program: This program is for those who have completed the Beginner Program and are now hooked on climbing and want to improve their skills. The program runs once a week during school terms.

- Advanced Program: This is for children who excel at the sport and want to take themselves to the next level of competing with other youths. Admittance to the advance level must be approved by CityROCK instructors.

- Junior Holiday Programs: This program is run for 2 hours on three consecutive days during school holidays. During this time children are taught the basic safety procedures and techniques of climbing.

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Wheelchair accessibility: No

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