Cango Caves

R170 (Adults)| R120 (Children) for Heritage Tours | R240 (Adults) | R170 (Children) for Adventure Tours

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Venue address:
Cango Caves R328 Cango Valley, Oudtshoorn

Tel: 044 272 7410

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The 20 million year-old Cango Caves system, located 30 kilometers from Oudtshoorn at the start of the Cango Valley, is South Africa’s best-known cave system.

Visitors have a choice of two tours. The Heritage Tour is a 60 minute experience taking visitors through impressive halls such as the Rainbow Room, Temple, and the Throne Room. The Adventure Tour goes deeper into the network of chambers and is not recommended for the claustrophic as sections sometimes include belly-crawls and squeezing. Longer than the Heritage Tour, this deeper route is a 90 minute experience.

New sections of the Cango caves continue to be discovered but are not open to inexperienced Cavers.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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