Afrikaburn: Creation

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Date: 29 April - 5 May 2024

Venue address:
4FVXFXM3+VW, Tankwa Town

The details

AfrikaBurn is a community of participants who come together to create art, costume, performance, theme camps, music, mutant vehicles and much, much more. All of this is created through a volunteer and gifting culture.

The main annual AfrikaBurn event takes place in the Tankwa Karoo, located between the Northern Cape and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa, usually at the end of April every year.

AfrikaBurn’s aim is to be radically inclusive and accessible to anyone. The touchstone of value in our culture will always be immediacy: experience before theory, moral relationships before politics, survival before services, roles before jobs, ritual before symbolism, work before vested interest, participant support before sponsorship.

Guiding principles

AfrikaBurn is a Burning Man regional event, and our guiding principles are based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man, to which we have added an 11th, in 2011 – Each One Teach One – that encourages the sharing of knowledge.

These principles aren’t commandments, and they’re not rules – they’re ideals that offer guidelines to how we as a community can reinvent the world, and ourselves.

Just as our community is made up of volunteers, so is the organisation that stages the annual AfrikaBurn event and related initiatives.

Afrika Burns Creative Projects (AfrikaBurn) was created in 2007 as a Not-For-Profit Company, with the intention that it would serve as a vehicle for the co-ordination of a South African Burning Man regional event.

As a Non-Profit Company, AfrikaBurn has a two-tiered governance structure consisting of Members and Directors.

AfrikaBurn’s Memorandum of Incorporation (or founding documents) clearly and legally define the organisation’s purpose and object – both of which explicitly include the core principles of Communal Effort, Participation, Civic Responsibility, Immediacy, Decommodification, Gifting, Leaving No Trace, Radical Inclusion, Radical Self-Reliance, Radical Self-Expression and Each One Teach One.

Previous artist line-up for Afrikaburn included Johannes Lennon, Elvis Pretorius, Tina Tankwa and Lindiwe Gaga.

Creation 2024

Before time, when silence was yet unbroken, there was SPACE, an incalculable expanse of possibility that lay in patient anticipation for a spark of inception. From this void sprung a symphony of existence; a creative catalyst set the stage of Quaggafontein for the biggest bang there ever was … C R E A T I O N.

From the majesty of larger-than-life art to the intimate whispers of a desert wind, every moment at AfrikaBurn has the potential for creation. Here, amidst the dust, let us ignite the spark of the cosmos that resides within each of us. Let us become the architects of future dreams, shaping the Karoo sands into temples of imagination and palaces of the mind.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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