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36ONE Clifton Mile Swim

Event information

The 36ONE Clifton Mile Swim returns, inviting swimmers of various skill levels to test out their endurance and muscle strength. Along with the main event, the Mile Swim, the event also features the SplashDash and the Lapper races.

The SplashDash is a 405m swim suitable for beginner swimmers. It starts in the shallows, continues clockwise around four buoys, and then finishes in the shallows once more. This is a guided swim where the objective is to introduce newcomers to the basics of open water and cold-water swimming. Questions are encouraged and this a great way to start the journey.

The Lapper is a 750m swim suitable for swimmers of all levels. This swim also starts in the shallows, continues clockwise around four buoys, and finishes in the shallows. There is a maximum of a 5-minute grace to complete the route from the specified time limit i.e. 50-minute max for 45-minute route.

Finally, the Mile is a 1 600m swim best suited to intermediate and advanced swimmers. The route features fabulous views, starting in the shallows continuing clockwise around six buoys, and finally finishing up where it began.

Date: 5 May

Time: 8am to 9am (SplashDash) | 9am to 9.45am (Lapper) | 10am to 11am (Mile swim)

Price: R60 - R200pp

Venue address: Clifton 4th beach, Clifton, Cape Town

Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown






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