2sand4s With Gabi Motuba


Date: 18 November 2023

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Venue address:
Bertha House Activist Cafe, 67 - 69 Main Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town

The details

Gabi Motuba, the acclaimed South African jazz vocalist, composer, and music educator, performs live as part of the '2sand4s' music video series.

The event also features two other acclaimed artists: Reza Khota on guitar and Joshua Nemaire on double bass.

Motuba performs her latest work 'The Sabbath' - a ground-breaking vocal exploration that delves into the implications of 'violent sonics' in our daily auditory experiences, from radio broadcasts to church bells, city sounds, gunshots, and more.

The event is family-friendly, and tickets are free for U12.

Those with transport challenges are welcome to arrive earlier: Bertha House offers a warm kitchen, great food and coffee on sale.

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown

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