Highlights from our #CelebrateCapeTownSummer Short Video Competition So Far

Justinah Missjlejes for #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

Have you heard about the #CelebrateCapeTownSummer short video competition we’re running with Scene It? Entries have been rolling in, and we’re excited to share some of them with you.

In brief, until the end of March we’re celebrating the TALENT of our locals shown against the BEAUTY of the city in which we live.

We’re promoting locally made short videos that speak to Scene It’s tagline, “People doing cool things, in locations we love”.

Here are some of the entries that have stood out for us so far:

@chloekimgrootboom at Blouberg Beach for #CelebrateCapeTownSummerCreative: Chloe Kim Grootboom

Why we loved it: Contagious joy
Chloe entered a few short videos in the #CelebrateCapeTownSummer competition, one of which went viral on Scene It’s TikTok feed.
But this one is possibly our favourite – it made us want to leap up and run through the waves.

Follow Chloe

Instagram: @ChloeKimGrootboom
TikTok: @Chloekimgrootboom

@DylanPereiraPro for #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

Creative: Dylan Pereira

Why we loved it: Thought-provoking
Amongst a slew of short videos on social media that tend towards the frenetic, Dylan Pereira has created a series of short videos that are measured, calm, and thoughtful. And without exception they are beautifully filmed.

Follow Dylan

Instagram: @dylanpereirapro
TikTok: @dylanpereirapro

Creative: Waterfront Theatre School

Why we loved it: Cute factor
This is part of a video project shot by the Grade 5 part-time students at the Waterfront Theatre School. There’s a real charm that shines through in this. We all remember what it’s like being in Grade 5!

Follow the Waterfront Theatre School

Instagram: @waterfronttheatreschool
TikTok: @wtschool

Justinah Missjlejes for #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

Creative: Justinah Missjlejes

Why we loved it: Simple and elegant
Now this is an iconic spot. So much so, that you don’t even have to zoom out to know where it is. Justinah has opted to stitch just a handful of simple shots together, and we think you’ll agree the results are striking.

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Instagram: @missjlejes

Ashton Banwell for #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

Creative: Ashton Banwell

Why we loved it: Skill
It is always cool to see someone nailing a tricky manoeuvre. Hats off to Ashton Banwell for this, and to @stuart_rothon for capturing it on camera.

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Instagram: @ashtonbanwell
TikTok: @ashtonbanwell6

Lady Crunk for #CelebrateCapeTownSummer

Creative: Lady_Crunk

Why we loved it: Homage
Olwethu-Thando Klaas is often found in beautiful places wearing bold colours. But as bold goes, this really stood out for us. Do a Wes Anderson take on a local wine farm? Yes please!

Follow Olwethu-Thando 

Instagram: @lady_crunk
TikTok: @klaasinsession


Did you recognise all those locations? What other locations would  you like to see featured? Drop us a line and let us know. Or better still, get out there and make your own content featuring that location.

Can I still enter the #CelebrateCapeTownSummer competition?

Yes!  The competition is open until the end of March 2024. In that time we’re looking for content showing the talents of Dancers, Film makers, Musicians, Fashionistas, Animators, Acrobats, Comedians, cute dogs and more. It doesn’t even matter if it wasn’t filmed this summer… so long as it shows a recognisable location in Cape Town (or the W Cape) and has a summer vibe we’d love to see it! As you’ll see from the entrants so far, the mood can be energetic, chilled, thought-provoking or simply good fun – a good summer should be full of all these things.

How do I enter a short video?

Simply tag @sceneit.ct and #CelebrateCapeTownSummer. The videos don’t have to be new – you are welcome to include the tags on older videos if you think they’d be a good fit. And you can enter as many times as you like! Some will get reposted on Scene It’s Instagram and TikTok accounts (we will always ask permission first), and the very best will get shared on What’s on in Cape Town’s Instagram in celebration of us hitting 100k followers.

What can I win?

There’s one big prize hamper up for grabs! The creator of the short video that we think best encapsulates the phrases “People doing cool things, in locations we love” and the hashtag #CelebrateCapeTownSummer will win:

and more, still to be announced!


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