A DIY Father’s Day

It’s 2020, and while our dads are definitely grateful, we have to up our gift game from socks and ties this Father’s Day. Our gift guide has some great local options but if you’re still racking your brain on the perfect item to celebrate your dad, check out our list of DIY’s suited for all types of fathers.


If your dad considers himself to be the next Gordon Ramsay or is quick to pass judgment on the way you pronounce ‘jus’, he has gone beyond being a foodie and is now the family’s master chef.

And every great cook needs a good chopping board. Or that’s what you’ll tell him to get him to stop ruining the countertops.

A butcher’s block is an easy and multi-functional DIY that can be used in the kitchen and outdoors. It makes for a great personalised gift and is an inexpensive way to embrace your dad’s inner Salt Bae.


From his own DIY projects to gardening, your dad can do it all – or tries to. He is your first point of call when something needs fixing, tweaking or hanging.

Why not make his handyman calls and hobbies a little easier with creative DIY ‘toolboxes’ that can do more than just carry nails and pliers.

These boxes can be used as unique planters for herbs, flowers, or an indoor garden. Splash on some paint and other decorations and turn it into a magazine rack or custom cooler box for his favourite drinks.


Nothing is as personal as a truly unique piece of art – especially if it’s made by you for your dad. Why do you think your primary school art projects made it onto the fridge?

Quick pour art is an interesting painting technique using different patterns and colours. If your dad is the creative type, this is an easy and fun way of creating a special artwork.

All you’ll need is a canvas, paint of your choice, a container for pouring, and your imagination!


As soon as the kettle goes on, often the first request for a cup of tea or coffee comes from your father. I guess he has to find a use for the many Father’s Day mugs from past years.

From giant mugs with caricatures to smaller ones with a simple ‘Happy Father’s Day’, the popular go-to gift is sure to be piled up in one of the kitchen cupboards. Why not give those mugs a new life and have it on display?

Using just a few materials, such as some wood and dowels, a mug tree is a great way to display those cliché but beloved gifts.


The quintessential trait in many fathers has to be the awful yet endearing dad jokes that make us cringe and roll our eyes but always get a chuckle.

Create a DIY chalkboard out of old picture frames and spread the laughter throughout your house or jot down one of your dad’s favourite jokes and give it to him as a gift. This fun activity is the perfect way for the kids can get involved in making something special for their father or grandfather.

All you’ll need are some old frames, paint and primers, blackboard paint and a screwdriver. Get creative and add glitter, different patterns and colours to the frames for an extra touch of uniqueness.


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