Waterfront Theatre School at Battery Park

19 Dock Rd, Waterfront, Cape Town

The details

A street dance routine by The Waterfront Theatre School at the Skatepark, celebrating the start of new friendships.

Filmed by Dylan Pereira.

Where to find the QR code

Battery Park is a new urban park that forms a gateway to the V&A Waterfront for pedestrians from Cape Town’s CBD. The park’s most popular areas are the skate park and the basketball court, but there are also walkways and benches and lawns, and a historical area with cannons.

You’ll find the QR code next to the door of BoardHub at the bottom of the stairs below the skatepark. Boardhub – founded by a team of friends passionate about creating a community around the sport – is home to one of the broadest ranges of longboarding and skating equipment in the country.

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