Sun-kissed Salsa in Sea Point

Sea Point Promenade, Sea Point, Cape Town

The details

Sun-kissed Salsa in Sea Point… surely the best way to wind down on a Sunday.

Documentary filmmaker and photographer Nicky Newman captures the Latino joy, and the ghost of salsa lingering in the sounds of the sea gulls and the waves. Find out more about Sun-kissed Salsa Sundays.

Where to find the QR code

Sun-kissed Salsa is a non-profit organisation which hosts public Afro-Latin dance events at which enthusiasts can come together in a jovial open-air environment. Music is not limited to Salsa and includes other Afro-Latin genres.

You will find the QR code inside the window of the Gelato stand. Much harder will be deciding which of the mouthwatering ice creams to try…

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