CPO at the Dutch Reformed Church

Filgrove Way, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

The details

Follow the thunderous sounds of Bach’s Toccata through the historical Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk) – a thrilling performance by organist Stefan Lombard.

A collaboration between the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and Culture Connect SA.

Filmed by David Fanyane and Tamara MacLachlan.

Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra

Where to find the QR code

If you fall to your knees in prayer you’ll be at the right height for this one! It’s in a window just above the pavement…

This Dutch Reformed Church (or NG Kerk) is a national monument, built in 1892. Its organ is an integral part of the church, and has 1164 pipes, including handpainted front pipes 54 horizontal trumpet valves.

Find out more here, or book a tour with Culture Connect.
Follow Stefan Lombard here, and the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra here.

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