Brendon Does: Gorgeous George

118 St George's Mall, Cape Town

The details

Legend has it, if you say the words “Rooftop Bar” three times into your reflection in a cocktail shaker, half of Cape Town will suddenly appear behind you, demanding service. Brendon Roux will be one of them, Cosmopolitan in hand. Join him at Gigi Rooftop bar.

Shot by Caya Creative productions.

Keep up with Brendon’s exploits here.

Where to find the QR code

Local design and boundary-pushing innovation meet at Gorgeous George, a new hotel in the heart of downtown Cape Town created out of two beautifully restored heritage buildings.

Ascend the marble staircase to the 6th floor and blow off some steam at the rooftop pool and Gigi restaurant and bar.

The QR code is currently not in place.

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