All About New Balance’s ‘Uncommonly Common’ Concept Store at Canal Walk

New Balance UCC opening storefront Canal Walk

New Balance brings its revolutionary retail concept, The Uncommonly Common Concept (UCC) – first launched in Durban – to the vibrant city of Cape Town. The opening of the Canal Walk store redefines the traditional shopping experience by placing people, not products, at the forefront of the retail experience.

New Balance UCC opening storefront Canal Walk

The Uncommonly Common Concept (UCC) Store

The UCC solidifies New Balance’s commitment to elevating the consumer experience, and has quickly become a space for fearlessly independent consumers. The result is monumental and intimate, organic and precise, raw and refined. By embracing these tensions, New Balance creates a compelling platform that enables outsiders to find themselves in the brand, transforming them into passionate advocates. The UCC is a space for fostering connections, inspiring creativity, and celebrating individuality.

“We are excited to bring this fresh, ground-breaking UCC retail concept to Cape Town, after successfully launching it in KwaZulu-Natal. To transform the way customers interact with our brand, the store provides a welcoming and inclusive space for the community. It encourages customers to come together, share ideas, and discover their true style,” says Riaan Tolken, National Area Manager at New Balance.

New Balance UCC launch Canal Walk side shot interior

A tangible intersection of sports and cultural heritage

Key features of the concept include central seating areas, and an edited assortment of New Balance merchandise. The emphasis is storytelling, shedding light on the makers and origins behind these items, and showcasing the rich heritage that places New Balance at the intersection of sport and culture.

Whether you’re an elite athlete striving for greatness or a fashionista looking to make a statement, the Canal Walk store provides an opportunity for you to envision your next defining moment, side by side with others who share their passion for style and performance.

New Balance UCC Canal Walk wall display

About New Balance

New Balance is a globally recognised athletic footwear and apparel brand. Committed to delivering excellence to athletes and runners of all levels for over a century, the brand continues to create innovative products that help people achieve their goals and perform their best.

Canal Walk building front. New Balance launch UCC

Canal Walk

Canal Walk is biggest shopping centre in Cape Town, and is known for its excellent customer service, convenient amenities, entertainment options, and huge variety of top-notch restaurants. The popular and beautifully green Central Park space outside hosts regular markets and events, too. This is the perfect home for New Balance.

Find the New Balance Canal Walk store listing with its location in Canal Walk and contact details here.

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